Small business owners are among those who can benefit the most from a strong and informational website, but it’s often the case that they don’t take full advantage of the tools out there for them. One of the most useful of these tools is Google Analytics. With this tool, business owners are able to track the patterns of visitors to their site with the ability to break down the information regarding their traffic into important snapshots of the demographics visiting them. Location is an important metric for determining if your SEO is correctly tuned. If you are getting a lot of traffic, then that’s great, and potentially, you don’t really care where it comes from as long as it’s there. However, for small business owners, and local business owners in particular, knowing whether or not the visits you are getting come from people with any chance of visiting your location is of the utmost importance. Conversion tracking is essential, especially if you are running PPC. If you

Whether you’ve been interested in creating some video for your small business from day one, or you’ve been coaxed into giving video a try, you are going to want to know what the best methods of producing and getting views for your video will be. Currently, most videos that are not hosted directly through a small business’s website are either put onto Youtube or Vimeo. While both services will get the basic job of posting your video on the internet done, small business owners have other factors to consider when choosing between these services, and the one that they settle on will depend on their specific clientele and needs. Youtube has one major advantage: it’s free. Vimeo charges users to be able to upload more videos than its free version allows, but this is consistent with their image as a premium viewer. Still, the fact that business owners are able to create and manage Youtube channels without up front costs makes it an attractive option for

There are many reasons why small business owners choose to engage in content creation, and just as many, or more, why they claim that they cannot spend the time they need to continue producing it. Even the perception that creating content will take a long time can contribute to small business owners dragging their feet, feeling reluctant to approach the task regardless of how much they can stand to gain. The perception that content takes a long time to produce stems largely from the fact that good, readable SEO optimized content does take a long time to create, however, there are ways that small business owners can speed things up, and one of the biggest is by stopping their tendency to over-think their content creation. Don’t agonize about how to be yourself. The true value of your content apart from the benefits that it can bring your business in terms of traffic and reputation building is its ability to give your customers a sense of your

When you ask a small business owner to describe their business, the conversation usually carries far beyond two or three words. However, this exact circumstance has become the law of the digital jungle as keywords and tags are what internet users use in order to locate services, shop around, and discover new things that match their interests. Business owners have to think about the best words to describe what it is that they do, as well as what their customers would be most likely to type in order to discover them. Fortunately, pure speculation is not the only tool that business owners have on their side. Include your location in your keywords. Using local SEO is a powerful technique for small businesses, since competing for extremely broad keywords is much more difficult and, depending on your industry, there may already be a slew of competitors trying to break into the space that you want. Finding the financing to tackle major SEO terms isn’t always the best

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