Revelations as to who is getting funded by the SBA are raising critical voices around the organization’s activities.  What do luxury car dealerships, exclusive resorts, and boutique cosmetic surgery clinics all have in common? According to an article contributed to Forbes by Adam Andrzejewski, they are all among businesses aimed at serving the needs of the very wealthy that are recipients of subsidized SBA loans, supported by taxpayer money. The SBA does not directly provide business loans, rather it guarantees the loans against tax payer money, with the intent of providing subsidized rates for small businesses that need capital to grow, but are wary of taking a loan from a private bank carrying a rate that they can’t afford, or simply can’t get approved for a typical loan without a government guarantee provided by the SBA. However, in the cases that are pointed out in the Forbes article, luxury businesses that could most likely get a loan from a wide number of private financial institutions

In a great article from, some stats were shared regarding sales figures for Cyber Monday, revealing that annual sales on the day have grown from $1.3 billion to $2.29 billion in only three years. But what is Cyber Monday exactly, and where does it fall in relation to Black Friday and Small Business Saturday? It is the Monday after the latter day, and while according to its Wikipedia page it has only been around since 2005, the fast growth of online commerce makes it a force that is hard for small business owners to ignore, but then, why would they? Provided that they have adequately planned and promoted for it, Cyber Monday can be yet another prime sales day for creating a cushion of profits and revitalized cash flows going into the start of 2015. Anticipate higher than normal traffic and orders on your website. This is pretty much the point of Cyber Monday after all, but if you have a strong website set up,

The holidays are a time when business owners are often at their most busy, as commerce picks up and many Americans spend the most that they will spend all year. While this trend hasn’t changed for years, the ways that people are shopping for goods and services have been, to the point that this year might very well be the biggest year for E-commerce to date. Last year, holiday spending via desktop e-commerce clocked in at a record $46.5 billion dollars, representing a 10% growth over 2012, with the biggest percentage growth being a 21% increase in the amount spent on Thanksgiving day from 2012 to 2013. Additionally, last year had a few extra challenges that made it less of a number posting year, for one thing because of a smaller number of days between Thanksgiving and Christmas, for another because of the icy polar vortex and reduced discretionary income among many consumers. In the face of these challenges, the growth numbers posted for online

In the retail business, your physical storefront has a huge impact on your business’ s ability to make sales. Apart from location, the biggest factor in how much business you are able to create from foot traffic around your area is whether or not your retail location looks sufficiently interesting and inviting to pull someone in. When your business has revenue goals that aren’t being hit and there are external pressures such as capital requirements due to bad credit that are weighing you down, creating a more alluring storefront in order to maximize new business is something worth considering. Taking a retail location and giving it an updated look can be a fully involved process wherein you completely renovate your space to better highlight your products and brand, or it can be simple, with the addition of some new flair that catches the eye. How deep you take your updates depends on how your business is performing. The worse your sales are dipping, the bigger

For business owners with bad credit, the idea of a prepaid card loans piece of mind, as these cards do not rely on credit to obtain, and the limit on how much you can spend is set by how much money you load into the card. However, the media has recently turned its lens on the debit card alternatives, and brought up some concerning aspects of how the cards work. For one thing, there are no legal regulations in place when it comes to the cards, meaning that most are not insured against loss or theft. Another troubling aspect of how the cards work is that they are laced with many hidden or seemingly excessive fees. These fees can include monthly flat fees, fees for recharging the card with money as well as fees for ATM usage and even fees if the card is lost. Taken all together, these charges can incrementally add up to wind up costing hundreds of dollars. The card consistently ranked

Many small business owners report having difficulty financing their businesses. Whether because of a lack of collateral, bad credit, or anything in between, there are many roadblocks that can stand in the way of business owners and their dreams of improvement. However, there are a few things that business owners should know that can help them get over the first mental hurdles they will face when it comes time to start looking for financing. Small business funding is more scarce now than it used to be, but it has not simply gone away. the American entrepreneurial spirit will always find a way to fill the gaps left in the economic climate, and small business owners in particular are a hardy bunch. When it seems as if business funding from loans and grants is a pipe dream, and that every lender and credit union you visit is eager to turn you away, take a deep breath and consider these three key points. 1) First of all, there is

Small business in the food production or retail industries may not realize the large role played by the materials and colors used in the presentation of their products. According to a report last month by Mintel, the way that your food products are packaged can heavily affect the way that your customers feel about purchasing your goods. Loan yourself an advantage by considering a few key details that can differentiate your products from your competitors and build brand loyalty. Consumers enjoy packaging they can reuse. The advantage of putting your product in a glass jar, for example, is that it loans a second use to whoever buys it as they can put other things into it. According to the Mintel report, glass jars also made consumers think the products were more high quality and fresher, whereas metal and cardboard containers were associated with recyclables and being traditional. Clear health information is a selling point. Many consumers are wary of what they perceive to be unclear or overly confusing

With end of the month in site, retail stores across america have put out  a patriotic assortment of items to loan some holiday spirit to their storefronts. Everything is being rolled out in red white and blue. Here at Horizon Business Funding, we’re also excited, and we’ve decided to loan a couple links to our readers to help them get ready for next month’s festivities. Most of the items for these fun ideas can be found at your local retailers. If you like to bake, try making a delicious red, white and blue cheesecake. Those with less cooking skills can try their hand at this simple recipe for red, white and blue strawberries.  Another beloved tradition that loans retailers increased business on  the Fourth is the sale of fireworks. Fireworks are fun of course, but be sure you comply with local laws governing their sale and use.  Lastly, you can loan a minute to check out a list of links for red, white and blue everything. If you use it

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