It’s not a secret that a high level of organization and the ability to prioritize are both helpful when running a business. Juggling between tasks is a skill that requires careful attention, and lest business owners wind up multi-tasking too much, then need to develop an acute sense of where many variables lie on the same extended timeline so each gets the attention it deserves. While it can be tempting to say that as long as things get done, then all is well, business owners with additional financing concerns due to bad credit can stand to benefit through planning better coordination between projects in order to compound on their positive effects. Bad credit business financing can be its own balancing act. The challenges presented by bad personal credit for business owners include a potential reticence to experiment with marketing that may or may not create desirable results. PPC marketing, for example, has the potential to create a large amount of return once it is optimized and

Not every day is a slam dunk day, where things seem to get done almost effortlessly, your coffee tastes like liquid inspiration and your team only gives you good news. Still, there are ways that you can tilt the odds in your favor, setting up routines that allow you to get to work in a good mood, feel productive during the day, and then get some rest afterwards. The business day can be broken down into three major pillars, all of which support the wonderful ceiling of that ideal day every entrepreneur wants to recreate. Pillar One: The Morning. We’ve written about doing the Morning the right way before, but it cannot be stressed enough how important getting a good start to your day is for small business owners. Whether or not you choose to wake up with some coffee, you should make sure to eat a nutritious breakfast. Fruit is a good choice to include in your meal, since the natural sugars that it contains

Running a small business isn’t easy, and it doesn’t get any more simple if you have bad credit. Since credit issues can seriously hamper small business loan approvals, business owners need to be more strategic about how they apply for capital. While there are loan alternatives for business owners with bad credit out there, making judgment calls about when to use financing and when to improvise is part of your role as a manager. Fortunately, just because you are short staffed, that does not mean you can’t keep your business running until you are able to make another hire, as long as you are able to effectively prioritize and redistribute workload. Identify your main priorities and then match them with the competencies of your remaining staff. You may find that you need to put a part of your business on hold in order to take care of your most important priorities. In this case, you need to be clear that you understand what your main priorities

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