E-commerce is a growing market, with more and more Americans making purchases online. This holiday season’s digital sales are predicted to be the largest ever, and increasingly, mobile is opening up a new platform for e-commerce that is set to expand the amount of online shopping Americans participate in by orders of magnitude as the tech is fine tuned. As digital becomes a more pressing concern for businesses both large and small as they try to stay relevant and competitive, making the most out of digital sales funnels through analysis and fine tuning should be something that all business owners take time to pursue. Beware of cart-abandonment. In an article on the subject from the Washington Post, cart abandonment was cited as costing online merchants an estimated four trillion in lost sales in 2014. One suggestion for combating shopping cart abandonment from the article was retargeting, or tracking customers who navigate away from a full cart in order to increase the odds that they will double

E-commerce has gone from being a somewhat convenient novelty to a major source of consumer spending, as well as revenues for businesses that are able to attract and accommodate online shoppers. The annual growth of e-commerce is expected to continue, with this year expected to be the biggest yet, so business owners should make sure that they are prepared with special offers and site support that can help them make the biggest possible profit. One idea that can help business owners turn a larger percentage of their traffic into conversions is through enhancing the on-site support for their customers. Chat support. Simple to set up and reasonable to afford, a chat client can help your sales team interact instantly and powerfully with on page shoppers. Having the ability to reach out to chat the second that your customers get stuck on something or want a recommendation is a great way to streamline their path to conversion into sales, and can help you make sure that the

    Images are an incredibly important part of a digital store. Aside from the copy of your website, which is also highly important, it is the main descriptor that potential customers will use to decide whether or not they want to buy a product. Thinking of ways to improve the engagement level of this content can lead to a much higher volume of sales, so it is highly worthwhile for business owners to create a strategy that highlights their products in a way that brings their clients a more descriptive and enjoyable look at their form and function. In fact, according to a blog post from Kissmetrics, a product video can actually make a customer up to 144% more likely to make a purchase. Mathematically, that represents huge potential gains in revenue for business owners who take the time to optimize their content. Product videos are a useful tool for demonstrating elements of a product that photos alone could not. One way to increase the

Reuters has reported on YouTube’s new round of talks with Hollywood and Indy content creators in an effort to attract them to create premium content on the site. A rise in premium content would allow for YouTube to charge higher rates for advertising, which is an important source of revenues for the website. However according to the article, there may or may not be action taken by YouTube as a result of these meetings. Still, for small business owners, any change to YouTube could necessitate some strategic maneuvering in order to gain or preserve exposure for their own channels. A higher level of polish on Youtube content would mean small businesses would have to find ways to compete. In order to win views for their own content, small business owners might be forced to think of ways to keep their content in front of their target audiences in the face of competition from more professionally produced, sponsored video. Creating video that is embedded on a landing

For business owners who have bad credit, the task of raising cash flows, planning and allocating financing and getting capital in order to grow can be made a lot more difficult. Figuring out how to grow business while conserving capital takes time, thought and energy, but at the same time business owners have a responsibility to themselves to work on improving their credit score. In order to create a passive framework that allows them to move closer to financial stability, adopting positive habits is something that business owners should work on and make time for in their schedules. When taking bad credit business financing products, have a plan. A big mistake for business owners is taking on obligation without a plan on how to create positive ROI. Often times, bad credit can come from financing business expenses with credit cards or business loans without a backing of sufficient market research or cost analysis, teaching a painful, but ultimately valuable lesson. In business, arbitrary use of financing will

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