When you have to come up with a great idea with a limited amount of time in which to do it, an engineered thinking session may be in order. People, being different, will all have their own methods for brainstorming. Aside from techniques that can allow business owners to approach a problem from different angles, there are also things they can do to create an environment that is conducive to thinking clearly. 1) Figure out whether you want to think alone or with a partner. Depending on the problem, you may want to go into your brainstorming with the benefit of your business partner, mentor or colleague. Thinking in pairs can be beneficial at times when a single perspective might miss part of a problem. You may also wish to present your problem to someone who you know has experience dealing with issues in your industry. If you can save time by getting a ready made solution tested by experience, then so much the better. 2)

No two workdays are the same while running a small business. Some can fly by while things almost seem to get themselves done, while other days it can be a struggle to remain engaged despite the fact that there is still no less to do than before. It is on these days that working in an environment that offers limited distractions becomes important. While there are general things that business owners can do to remove distractions from their environments, they should also be cognizant of what their particular weaknesses are. Some people may be able to concentrate while listening to music, for example, while other people may wind up getting distracted by a pair of headphones. It is important to know what type of setting allows you to work your best. Keep a to do list handy and go from task to task. Multitasking often leads to unnecessary distraction, and can drag out both of the processes being worked on to longer than it would have

The cloud, free CRM tools, and digital calendars can help small business owners reach levels of organization and efficiency that would be impossible without the benefit of technology. However, much in the same way that e-books can never truly replace a paper copy for some bibliophiles, the utility of physical note taking should not be ignored by small business owners, even in the event that they are also using digital organizational aids. There are multiple reasons to take notes, and in lieu of pen and paper, many tablets support handwriting style data entry, which for some business owners compounds even further on the utility of physical note taking by converting it into organized digital outlines. It can help business owners remember important points more easily. The act of physically writing is linked to stronger retention of information, and according to lifehacker, allows for a deeper connection with the meaning behind what is written in comparison with typed notations. In business, when recall of important details is

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