When many people hear of cyber attacks in the media, the targets they typically think of are corporations and well known entities like banks. However, a recent study by Verizon reveals that it’s not just the big guy who is the target of cyber attacks. In the report, almost one-third of the attacks occurring in 2012 were targeted at businesses with less than 250 people, leaving small business owners with bad credit, unable to get loans and reeling from fraudulent charges. Small businesses have plenty to be worried about since many of them use cost-effective technologies like cloud-based storage and have fewer funds dedicated to securing all facets of their business’s web data. And since nearly 60% of small businesses end up closing within six months of experiencing a cyber attack, it is of utmost importance for any business owner to be able to protect their business from a cyber attack. Here are some ways small business owners can help protect themselves from a possible cyberattack: Know

3 Great Tips For Predicting Cash Flow

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One of the most essential parts of running a successful business is managing your cash flow, and knowing how much room you have to improve, or how much you need to pare down to stay in the black. Like many parts of running a business, this is a skill that deserves its own special attention and study, apart from whatever role you play in the creation of your products and the administration of your services. It can take a little practice for business owners to be able to predict their sales with a large degree of certainty, but by using the guidelines below, they can develop a general idea of what to expect and then balance their budgets effectively. These tips carry particular weight for business owners with problems like bad credit, as their financing will usually be tighter than other types of businesses. Don’t just guess, especially when you are starting out. If you are an established business, you will have the records of your

Public relations plays a part in every enterprise. The difference between small businesses with public relations strategies and those without can be dramatic. A small business that knows how to find the spotlight and shine in it will be able to exponentially increase business and exposure. The best thing about positive PR is that it breeds more in turn. Having your business be perceived as an expert in your field cannot be understated in utility, as once you become known as the go to resource on whatever area you specialize in, more opportunities for promoting your knowledge will come to you. Developing a PR strategy can have different levels of depth, but a good place to start is by creating a list of local news outlets, and then letting them know that you are a source. When it comes time for your local paper to write a story, simply having your business on file as a potential lead for information can help get the name

There are many different responses from the American public about the advent of the Holidays. On the one hand, the first signs of seasonal marketing can stir up the latent spirit in those who have been waiting all year for their favorite celebrations. On the other hand, rolling out your season’s greetings too early can elicit eye rolls and make it seem like you are too eager to profit off of the holiday rush. Regardless of when you decide to roll out your marketing plans, it always pays to loan time far enough in advance so that they can be changed as needed. Some will tell you that it is smarter to wait before committing to a plan, and that creating strategies too far in advance is an oversight. This argument should be taken with a grain of salt, as creating the framework of a marketing game plan far in advance will allow you to have a fully developed and situationally appropriate game plan going

The small business data reported through the Summer months indicates some very real challenges being faced by small business owners in the wake of the recession. In particular, a lack of readily available business loans has stymied growth rates and slowed down job growth in the sector, which traditionally has had a disproportionate share of the job creation in the US. Sales slowed during the recession, more so for small businesses than larger corporations. With the slowdown in sales came a dip in profits, meaning that jobs that once existed had to be cut, and new ones were prevented from being created. However, currently, small business owners are reporting that they are planning to create more jobs in the next few quarters, paradoxically defying the expectations one would have considering the still slow economic recovery. In a piece for Forbes, Ian Shepherdson points out that small business lending was an easy target for banks as they were forced to reduce their lending. Bail outs for

When it comes to running a business, it is hard to say exactly what aspect is the most important. However, all small business owners should agree that in the end, managing the bottom line is crucial, and without a firm understanding of the profitability and overall spending of their business there is a large danger of failure. This becomes particularly true for business owners who are in the midst of financial difficulties or who, due to bad credit or a lack of collateral, cannot apply for business loans. For these business owners in particular, it is imperative that they take certain steps to ensure that they are constantly aware of just how well their business is performing. Ranging from bookkeeping to the trimming of unnecessary expenses, there are many ways that business owners can stay on top of their spending in order to maximize their profitability. Here are a few steps that should be taken to make sure that your business will be able to

The relevance of social media in marketing is growing at a steady rate, as devices get smarter and people’s lifestyles become more and more integrated with their various profiles and friend groups. Small business owners seeking to loan themselves a leg up over the competition have been flocking to the vast and viral markets that are concentrated on the web. In general, the small business of today will require a website, however rudimentary, and a Facebook page, perhaps also a Twitter. However, there is massive potential for businesses to go even further, using trendy social media platforms like G+,  Vine and Instagram. However, small business owners need to loan time to understanding some important principles before they get too deep into the creation of their social media presence. This is because, when done the wrong way, the growth of a social media presence can actually harm a small business’s digital reputation. In order to make sure that your digital marketing campaign is functioning the right

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