Football season is back, and while some people are busy not caring at all, others are looking at brackets and dusting off their foam fingers. Whether you fall into either camp, if you are a business owner, you should be open to the lessons that you can learn from the strategy and athleticism that goes into the game. There are many sports metaphors out there that can be directly applied to life, partially because of the fact that sports revolves around the idea of overcoming obstacles through improving yourself and learning how to work with others, which happens to be the same things that lead to success in business. No matter what the obstacle, your whole team needs to know that game plan. In the football season, one of the reasons that the action is compelling is because of the potential for major upsets when one team beats another, more heavily favored team. Often, the reason that an underdog is able to prevail is through planning a strategy

It’s the last day of the month, and in New York, it’s raining, with grey clouds shifting across the sky like gridlocked cars. Despite the inconvenient weather, there is an overwhelming sense of relief in the Horizon office, since May is so close to being here. May is associated with the definitive change of the seasons and the arrival of reliably warmer weather, a welcome shift for business owners across a diverse range of industries. Still, finally shaking off the polar vortex doldrums calls for a true acknowledgment of the potential this new month holds. Here are some ways that your business can mentally prepare for the arrival of May. Celebrate your Winter high points.  You’ve worked hard to get through the Winter, and it’s likely that you had to enact some pretty clever fixes to keep things running smoothly. Yes, you should have your primary focus set on the promise of the near future, but you should still take the time to give your

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