An article on the Huffington Post written by Sajeel Qureshi, some insight was shared on how to differentiate a small business faced with prospect of cold calling decision makers. Apart from taking the time to fine tune their small business pitch, business owners should make the effort to set themselves apart when trying to attract the attention of a decision maker who they are trying to recruit into a partnership. It was recommended that business owners think of their prospective customers in the same way that they would think of their favorite celebrities. Here’s why that piece of advice is a particularly strong one for small businesses to embrace: Thinking of the customer as a very important person is a good practice to adopt regardless, since as a business starts out making a reputation for itself and recruiting word of mouth leads, the customer service that they are known for will be one of the most important measuring sticks that clients will refer to and use

While every business will have a different operational style, there are departments that almost every business will have in some form or another, such as accounting, marketing, and IT. As a a business grows, within these departments there should be a vigilant attitude in place in order to prevent the waste of valuable business funds, since there are a few common ways that business owners can lose money through a loose management style in these areas. IT programs that are not effective for their staff. The state of the art programs that you want to put in place in order to optimize your processes are not going to help if your staff has no training in how to use them. While you may be able to afford a new program at face value, business owners should account for the possibility that they will also need to finance additional training for their team in order to make their IT upgrades effective. There are many technologies that are

This not another Earth Day post. This is a post-Earth Day reminder to small business owners that, just because it’s not an official day of recognition for the health of our planet, it doesn’t mean that they should forget the promises they made to themselves in a fit of green tinged zeal a day ago. Like New Year’s resolutions, Earth Day promises carry a lot of potential but amount to nothing if never acted upon. Here are some ways that you can act on those promises you made, without costing your business or your productivity. Add some plants to your business environment. We can’t stress enough how great plants are for your office. They can manage stress, reduce your overall carbon footprint, they look great, and are often easy to take care of. What’s not to like? Create an off switch policy. One of the biggest problems leading to energy waste in small business environments is simply not turning off lights and other electronic appliances that are

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