The holidays are a time when business tends to pick up, with some small businesses making large percentages of their yearly sales in the months leading up to the New Year. Because of the higher concentration of sales being made as well as the heightened traffic web pages experience, the holiday season represents a great time for business owners to gather and analyze data on the effectiveness of their landing pages. Whether it is figuring out which pages convert the most, or A/B testing to fine tune the appearance and functionality of their e-commerce pages, taking advantage of this busy time to improve processes is in the best interest of business owners who are serious about having the best sites possible. Get acquainted with Google Analytics. Setting up Google Analytics can help your business with a great amount of insight on traffic patterns and the rate of conversions that your business can expect. Conversion tracking can tell you not only how many sales you’ve made, but

The way that a business works in the modern day is pretty much the same conceptually since the first business. Ideally, you will provide a good or service to your customer, and if they are happy with what they get they will tell others about it, which, combined with your own efforts, will bring in more business. Straightforward and familiar as this concept is, the tools that are being used to effect this result have changed dramatically in the last 10 years, with the ubiquity of the internet and the rise of mobile technology and social media effecting the basic communication habits of the majority of the population. Social media is the number one activity on the internet, and mobile continues to grow in use and importance to marketers. If your small business is not taking advantage of technology and social media (which is usually free), then you are missing out on a whole lot of potential, but beyond that, you may be allowing your

A mobile website is a very strong investment for small business owners, since mobile traffic on the internet continues to increase year over year. even suggests businesses gear up their mobile marketing now in anticipation of peak sales during the Christmas season. But what if a business is simply not able to invest in a mobile site for whatever reason? Are there ways that they can still attempt to profit off of the increasing important medium of mobile web traffic? Here are a few suggestions for putting a brand in the public eye via mobile marketing even without a site that is optimized for mobile. 1) Take advantage of mobile apps that allow business profiles. Claiming all the listings that are open to your business is a good first step towards gaining mobile exposure without a website. Examples of sites that can help businesses appear on mobile are Yelp and Foursquare, as these allow businesses to create profiles that have the potential to show up

Mobile web traffic has continued to grow as a percentage of all online activity, as reported by, and currently 60 percent of internet traffic is now occurring on mobile devices. This figure includes internet use by mobile apps, with organic traffic created by handheld devices including smartphones and tablets clocking in at around 35% of the total number. Regardless, if small businesses rely on digital, they need to be aware of the increasing importance of mobile and position themselves to take advantage of the implications. Mobile ads. Mobile marketing is one way for business owners to take advantage of the traffic taking place on mobile devices. This type of advertisement is particularly powerful for businesses trying to create calls, since a mobile ad can allow for a conversion to a call with the touch of a button. Some apps also host ads, which can potentially be strong places for businesses to advertise depending on the demographics that they serve. App development. Apps offer an unprecedented level of

Moving into different marketing areas and strategies, business owners can often discover powerful ways to leverage technology for their benefit. Direct marketing, word of mouth and online marketing are all methods that most business owners put to use. Increasingly, mobile marketing is becoming important as well, and the better that small businesses are able to use a combination of mobile and local SEO, the more likely they will be able to benefit from customers being directed to their door by their smartphones. Often a mobile marketing campaign will serve as a complement to a local tactic, such as guerrilla marketing. Seeing an interesting ad or art piece may prompt potential customers to take out their smartphones to capture a picture or learn more, which will in turn expose them to your mobile website or the listings you have managed on local directories. The value of mobile lies in its potential for immediate follow through. As more and more people use smart phones to surf the internet,

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