In a press release from CDC Loan Experts, three strong reasons were put forward for business owners owning their storefronts. Firstly, purchasing a piece of commercial real estate is a long term investment that can be turned around for profit later, rented out, or kept as a business location without the obligation of rent. Secondary to this is the fact that payments for rent may be contingent on market prices and therefore subject to fluctuation. Businesses that would be forced to move in the event of a rent increase will pay the same payment for the property they are purchasing, making buying a good strategy for those looking to stay in a location for the long term. Lastly, a purchase payment may be less expensive than rent would be in the first place, with the bonus of eventually owning the piece of property. Should you invest in purchasing your location? If business owners are planing on staying in their physical location for the next ten

A business is like a living thing in that it will grow to fill the limit of its environment. Once the business is serving its full market in a single area, it can either remain the same size, or expand. Franchising or opening a second location can open up new markets in other areas, allowing the brand to grow through increasing the size of the customer base that it is able to serve. Other ways that a business can grow include expanding services to fill a present need within their local customer base. These types of expansion can occur side by side, or they can take place one after the other. It will depend on the size of the un-captured market for the service on offer whether or not it is lucrative to expand services, as well as on how much market share can be captured with the introduction of the service to the business’s list of products. For this reason, before deciding on a course

As a business grows in both popularity and production capacity, there will come a time when the physical location that they began with no longer supports the level of business that they are handling. At this point, business owners will either need to open up a second location or move to a larger one in order to make the most of all the potential business they can create. In the event that they opt to go with a larger location, there are a few things that they need to get a handle on before they are able to commit. Fumbling the transfer of their business to a new area can not only disrupt cash flows and waste liquid capital, but it can even lead to them losing business to competition during the down time of their move. In general, business owners should begin to consider moving to a larger location when they are unable to handle the capacity demands imposed on them by business growth.

While obtaining business financing to have cash on hand is a valid strategy in its own right, many times small business owners, in particular those with bad credit, will choose to take financing in order to make a purchase or a hire that adds value to their business. Adding value that can pay back their purchase over time is a prudent  way to deploy funding. Bad credit can keep business owners from getting traditional loans, but through alternative capital, bad credit applicants can still obtain the resources they need to invest in opportunities for business growth that can pay them back. Equipment purchases. A bad credit business loan alternative is able to be used much more quickly than a bank loan, making it possible to take one out in order to take advantage of a limited time offer on a piece of equipment. It’s also a potential solution for a demand from a client that can only be met with a new piece of equipment. Before

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