In an article from Fox Business, tips were shared from author T.D. Jakes on how business owners can create a more successful mindset for themselves. One of the tips in particular mentioned that business in the modern day should no longer be considered from a single perspective, instead business owners should strive to think of how to extend the reach of their business past their own social norms and into a truly global arena. Your social island is comprised of the circles that you keep, and if you are unable to move past the social boundaries that you have set for yourself, whether consciously or unconsciously, How can you grow your perspective past the familiar? Business owners seeking to apply a wider perspective to the development of their businesses have a multitude of options for gaining more information and insight. For one thing, by using free tools such as Google Alerts, small business owners can begin to broaden their base of influences and stay tuned

Linkedin is a social network for professionals, and thus is mostly devoid of the purely social content shared on Facebook, with the predominant focus being on sharing relevant perspectives and expertise related to business. For entrepreneurs, it  can be a great tool for meeting influencers and establishing a positive reputation as a knowledgeable member of your industry. One tool for sharing expertise on Linkedin is their long form posting tool, which allows business owners to share more detailed articles than through posting a status update alone. What are the benefits of long form posting as opposed to sharing a blog post? When you post a long form article to Linkedin, there are a few unique benefits that make it a viable option as opposed to simply sharing a post that you wrote on your business blog. According to Linkedin’s page on long form posting, a long form post doesn’t expire, rather, it is displayed as a link on your profile, meaning that it has a lot

  Along with the decision on the part of Facebook to break their messenger functionality out of it’s mobile platform and into its own app (with a laundry list of permissions required to use it, garnering controversy in its own right), another large announcement was put out that has much more direct implications for small business marketers. Like gating, the practice of asking for a “like” as a toll in order to enter a contest, download a whitepaper or view premium content, is going to be prohibited by Facebook by the 5th of November this year with the supporting code being removed. The announcement was written about in an article that appeared on Linkedin today, which attempted to clarify what is still allowed and what is not. Why is Facebook deciding to remove like gating? One reason behind Facebook’s decision, according to the Linkedin article, is that through the act of exchanging something of tangible value for a like, it enters a state of being used

Business owners quickly come to realize the importance of relationships in every aspect of running a business, from picking a financing company to hiring employees. The more strong connections that business owners have at their disposal, the more they will be able to find new opportunities as well as come up with the resources to act on them. Making connections, like many parts of running a business, is an art form. The good news is that by adopting certain habits and a positive attitude, pretty much every business owner can rise to ninja level for the benefit of their business and their professional careers. First rule is don’t be shy. If opportunities all looked the same, then it would simply be a matter of waiting around until a great one came along to be successful. In the real world, you can never really be sure what will come along, so instead of waiting business owners should actively try to interact with as many different people as

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