The Thanksgiving holiday comes in the midst of one of the busiest times to be a business owner. The rush of planning that takes place going into the holiday season is one that can seriously drain the time resources that would otherwise be dedicated to family time. Fortunately, small business owners can manage their family and business commitments if they plan strategically. Take travel time into account if you are visiting family. The time that it takes you to go to and from your final Thanksgiving destination is important to factor in to your planning. You may be tempted to project an optimistic number when allowing for time spent traveling, but be aware that you may encounter holiday traffic depending on your area and the weather. It’s better to allow yourself a bit of cushion rather than lose your cool while trapped in a traffic jam because you will miss a meeting you scheduled too close to the holiday. If you must be productive while

The spookiness of Halloween has passed, and the next major holiday to come is Thanksgiving, a day of taking time to think on all that you have to be grateful for, especially those things that you may have begun to take for granted. Business owners are among those who should be the most receptive to this idea, since in business, the stress of the day to day can often overshadow the major milestones that entrepreneurs accomplish. Taking the time to bask in the glow of accomplishment is something that can get cut short by the arrival of your next task or even the appearance of a sudden setback, so the fact that there is a whole holiday devoted to positive self reflection is something that business owners should readily embrace. Beyond Thanksgiving, remembering to be thankful for what you have and have accomplished is simply a healthy thing to do, allowing you to be more realistic about where you stand in relation to your short

A new habit can be the start of even more positive change in a small business lifestyle. One of the reasons why entrepreneurs become  self employed in the first place is often because they crave more flexibility in achieving a balance between their work and their lifestyle, so taking full advantage of that should be something that you think about as the seasons change. Fall is a great time both for growing your business habits and your lifestyle habits, with plenty to do outdoors and a lot to plan in order to be ready to take advantage of the prime sales months of the holidays. Creating a habit isn’t something that happens overnight, and generally speaking the best way to integrate a new aspect of your routine is through building it up gradually. For example, someone who doesn’t jog would probably not be able to adjust to running four or five miles multiple times a week, since they would quickly become burned out. Still, jogging

Balance in a small business lifestyle can often go conspicuously missing, especially during the Fall, when the change of seasons and the impending rush of the holiday season means that business owners are very likely to get sucked deeper and deeper into their business priorities to the detriment of their other commitments, both to themselves and to their loved ones. While the idea of balance may come off as slightly conceptual, in reality it is not difficult to identify where it comes into play for business owners and when it is being neglected in favor of a lifestyle that is overly weighted in one direction. Why is balance an important element for small business owners? Balance isn’t only useful in a business context, it is a principle which can help improve anyone’s ability to focus and achieve their goals. When work piles up and a business owner has no choice but to dig in and work longer hours to get it done, they are increasing the

With the month of August coming to a close, small business owners need to decide now whether or not they are are going to try to take one last trip to close out the warm weather. While we are not necessarily advocating ditching work for three weeks in Tuscany (although if you did do that, take pictures!), a last trip that allows you to relax, recharge and reassess is often just what the doctor ordered before plunging back into the business of the typical work week. Here are three ideas for getaways that can be condensed into microvacations or stretched into a leisurely week away from the office. Go camping. This option should rate high on the list for a few reasons; it’s easy to find a place to camp, whether you are in a rural area, a suburb or even in a metropolitan hub, it usually won’t be more than a few hours drive to the nearest outdoor recreation center. In addition to the easiness

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