SEO can be a major game changer for small businesses, especially for home based or internet based businesses that don’t have a brick and mortar location to promote. That said, navigating the world of SEO isn’t easy, and by some accounts, it’s only going to get harder. Business financing allocated to shady or black hat SEO practices is money wasted, but for small business owners who don’t have a firm understanding of how to promote their own websites, it can be tough to differentiate between snake oil and the real thing. That’s why as Google becomes more and more able to weed out poor quality content from its search results, business owners may actually have a reason to celebrate. A small business perspective is still valuable and can generate interest. The good thing about small businesses in relation to creating content is that they are uniquely positioned to have engaging perspectives. What it takes to run a business is something that people want to know

Choosing to work from home can be the best decision you’ve ever made, putting both the freedom to be you own boss and the freedom to completely manage your work environment into your hands. But running a home based business brings its own set of unique challenges along, which must be dealt with in order to give the business a chance to grow. For example, home based businesses can often have difficulty getting financing from traditional banks, and it can be tough for busy owners to manage remote employees. These problems are ones that are less prevalent among brick and mortar businesses where a location allows the owner more control over employee clock time, and the physical location comforts some, but not all loan providers. Outside of challenges caused by a work from home lifestyle, there are plenty of ways the small business actually can gain an advantage from running their business from their homes. No commute means more efficient social media presences. Your customers are

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