With the end of the year approaching, small business owners are preparing to spend time with their families, tie up their taxes, perform reviews and continue to fight for their share of holiday sales. Another activity many will be engaged in is creating a list of goals and resolutions that they plan on carrying into the New Year with the aim of improving the health and competitive ability of their companies. When setting a business resolution, as with a personal resolution it is tempting to aim for a radical change, such as giving up a certain guilty pleasure food or promising yourself to give up a vice cold turkey. For this reason, a large number of resolutions never make it more than a couple of months into the year before being forgotten and repackaged for next year. In order to create a set of resolutions that can work for your business, you must think about the goals you can reasonably achieve and how to build

When your business’s website isn’t creating engagement, it can be a major problem. The more bounced traffic you get, the more it signals to search engines that your content isn’t what your visitors were looking for, which can push it down in search results. Apart from that, if you can’t get visitors to stick around on your website, that doesn’t bode well for your ability to create conversions and spread the message of your business through your copy. Building increased engagement with your website may be something that you want to do in an expedited manner, for example, if you notice that you are quickly losing ground to a competitor in a search results page and want to buff your time on site metric. Design work can quickly add up, depending on the scope of the project that you are interested in pursuing and the time frame that you need things done by, so at times it can be helpful to have a readily available

Small business owners are faced with tough competition for attention on the internet. While they can make things easier for themselves in terms of SEO by embracing local and long tail keywords, content and the ability to get visitors to engage with that content is an  increasingly important part of SEO, and without an inviting visual hook, it becomes less likely that your site will be able to generate enough attention and time spent on your pages to improve its rank. Video is a very strong option for increasing your time on site metrics. Video is one tool that can be very helpful in cutting down your bounce rates as well as improving the amount of time spent on your website on average. Getting ready to shoot a video takes time in order to create a concept that is backed by market research, as well as write a script, hire actors and a production company to tie everything together into a finished product. This can be outside

When it comes to winning a social media following, many business owners subscribe to the concept that more is, well, more, and that the number of followers they have is the ultimate yardstick for measuring their success on their platform of choice. However, this is not necessarily the case, since the value of your social media account lies in the interactions with your customers it can produce as well as exposure from when they like, comment on and share your updates. Having followers with little to no engagement means that you may not be getting as much mileage as you might think out of your posts. In fact, changes to algorithms on the part of social media giants like Facebook mean that, without paying to boost your content it might only appear in front  of a very small portion of your followers, at which point the only way that it can reach more people without paying is through being liked and shared. Quality followers are

  One of the biggest stumbling blocks when it comes to creating content for small businesses is figuring out what to write about in the first place. Another issue is divining what type of content target demographics will be interested in reading and engaging with. Both of these issues can be partially addressed by the inclusion of short polls in your blog allowing visitors to vote on the topics to be covered in your next installments. How to include a poll using wordpress.  Installing a plugin is pretty simple. Find one that you like, preferably with positive feedback and user reviews, then activate it in the plugins screen within your wordpress dashboard. Once this is done, you should be able to fine tune the settings in order to put the poll you want within any one of your blog posts. You may also wish to place polls on product pages to gather information regarding what products are the most popular, and for what reasons. Alternately,

Managing employees is not an easy feat, especially within the often hectic environment of a growing small business. However, it is precisely in this type of environment that the engagement levels of employees have the biggest overall impact on productivity, since with fewer staff and many different things that still need to be done, whether or not an employee can be counted on to get things done and stay accountable will have a disproportionate impact on the productivity of their peers and ultimately the entire organization. For this reason, cultivating employee engagement should be a high priority for business owners, with attention paid to the positive and negative effects of encouragement on each member of staff. Give feedback. This is an often stated staple of management technique, however in a small business context where communications are generally quite fluid and occur regularly regardless, business owners may not feel that there is a need to give feedback within the thick of business operations. However, this discounts the

Managing a business is not easy all alone, but inevitably when other people get brought into the equation things get simultaneously more easy and more difficult. While well trained employees who have been given leadership skills represent a major asset on the part of small business, the more people are added to a staff, the more the sense of accountability in in environment is diffused unless steps are taken to preserve it. Business owners may not always have the time or resources to check up on an in depth level with all of their employees, but when they recognize consistent indicators that something needs correcting, it falls to them to make sure that they take the initiative to follow up on their observations and diagnose any potential issues before they turn into something that can be potentially highly detrimental to the health of their enterprise. There is a difference between problem employees and ones that are not engaged. A problem employee under the best of circumstances will

Paying for more reach on social networks is something that certain networks are moving closer towards turning into a general rule as opposed to the exception. But is paid engagement a good investment for business owners, or should they be pursuing other forms of marketing and skipping out on networks that force them to allocate their limited resources to getting content seen? The real answer is dependent on the business, of course, but with many social networks growing quickly, and the concerns that a bad credit business has in particular regarding their financing making it essential to only spend on worthwhile programs, it can be tough to justify the costs of paid reach. What are some of the benefits of paid reach? For one thing, most paid reach on social media can be finely targeted, so in the hands of a well informed marketer it becomes a good way to put a specific message in front of a target demographic already in the process of reading

Employee engagement is an important factor in the effectiveness of a business, making a large difference in the speed and quality of production within your offices. Aside from management techniques that enable employees to become accountable and vested in their results, adding some fun incentives to the work week is another strong way to bring your staff into a more productive and committed state of mind while on the job. Towards that end, here is how you can set up an employee of the month contest in three easy steps! It’s always a good ow your employees that you appreciate them, and when there is a little bit of competition in the air (in the spirit of fun) it can lead to better results on the part of your employees. 1) Decide what you are going to use as criteria. There are a few ways you can spin an employee of the month contest, and depending on your desired result, different criteria will be more important

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