Smaller businesses often don’t have wellness programs in place, citing costs or the time it takes to put them together as their main issues. However, the benefits of wellness programs are manifold, from improving the health of employees, reducing the number of sick days that they take and even contributing in higher morale and reduced turnover within your organization. What is wellness, exactly? Wellness programs take many forms, but most commonly they refer to programs that are put in place in order to improve the health and quality of life of workers in a business. They can be perks, like healthy snacks in the break room, or they can be active programs such as communal yoga classes or a post work day stretch. In some companies, there are educational resources available to employees, such as classes on healthy eating or how to improve posture after sitting for days in an office chair. If you have an idea of how to make a positive impact in the

We’ve all been there; the feeling of distraction, the doubled amount of bathroom breaks and staring into space that can accompany a Friday afternoon, however, when in a small business environment, that type of distraction can really impact a business’s ability to produce. In order to mitigate the potential for lost productivity, small business owners should put practices into place that can refocus both their own efforts and those of their staff. Use your time to plan if producing is out of the question. If you aren’t able to produce or finish a project, and your employees would otherwise be procrastinating, then you can still make an effort to recoup the time that would otherwise be lost to you. A good way of doing this is to plan the attack for when you come back to work on Monday, evaluating priorities and setting up what processes you can in order to save time and maximize effectiveness at the start of the week. Since Mondays are another

It’s the last day of the month, and in New York, it’s raining, with grey clouds shifting across the sky like gridlocked cars. Despite the inconvenient weather, there is an overwhelming sense of relief in the Horizon office, since May is so close to being here. May is associated with the definitive change of the seasons and the arrival of reliably warmer weather, a welcome shift for business owners across a diverse range of industries. Still, finally shaking off the polar vortex doldrums calls for a true acknowledgment of the potential this new month holds. Here are some ways that your business can mentally prepare for the arrival of May. Celebrate your Winter high points.  You’ve worked hard to get through the Winter, and it’s likely that you had to enact some pretty clever fixes to keep things running smoothly. Yes, you should have your primary focus set on the promise of the near future, but you should still take the time to give your

  Bad credit business loan alternatives have no restrictions on use. This means that for business owners who use this type of financing, the sky truly is the limit for how creatively they allocate their capital. While it’s typical for business owners to use bad credit business loans and similar products to purchase equipment, make payroll for new hires and expand their businesses to new locations, it’s also possible to use this type of financing to pursue business improvements related to the office environment. Making your office a more comfortable and productive place to work has benefits which range form reduced employee turnover to a heightened ability to relay information. Using small business financing to update tech. Each week in a typical small  business, multiple hours of work can be lost through the cumulative effects of faulty technology. Many things can get in the way of business owners updating their technology, which typically include a lack of time, a perception that the tech is not really that

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