Preparing for holiday sales is just one part of getting ready for the busy times that come with the end of the year. It’s also a great time to court new, talented employees. Along with the end of the year, many potential hires are in the process of looking for new jobs. This could be because of layoffs during the last quarter of the year, dissatisfaction with a corporate environment, or simply the knowledge that many businesses choose to hire in the first part of the new year, having renewed budgets for the first quarter. Make your hiring ad as appealing as possible by highlighting the unique elements of your business. It is often the case that high level talent leaves the corporate world in search of a more flexible environment, or one where they feel that their contributions will have a larger proportional impact on the growth of the business. Being explicit about the benefits that come with your position, including the company culture and

  In a recent press release issued by ICIMS, over 400 job seekers were surveyed in order to define what it is that they were seeking to find in an employer. One of their findings was that a company’s culture can play a major role in attracting strong, qualified job applicants, an element that goes beyond how strong a hiring ad is. In addition, once they have attracted this talent, they can keep adding to their businesses through referrals, which according to ICIMS research makes up an impressive 34% of all hires. Based on this information, a corporate culture that can attract employees with the ability to positively contribute can wind up paying dividends as a business grows, helping to sustain the positive environment as well as the ability to produce of those involved as time goes on. A “clan culture” was the most desirable corporate culture listed in the survey response. So what exactly is a clan culture? It refers to a corporate culture wherein

Customer loyalty has the ability to make or break a business, but then again, so does the loyalty of a business’s employees. While performance is at the core of an employee- employer relationship, business owners should also value the human element of the relationship, which goes beyond the metrics of their business, yet can palpably add value to it. Reducing turnover and creating a culture of accountability can increase organizational efficiency, stop losses created by employees leaving and help avoid the costly process of hiring and training. A “birthday budget” is a small pool of cash set aside for honoring employee birthdays. Covering the cost of a cake and a small break to celebrate on employee birthdays is not only low cost when the costs are spread over the entire year, but also a nice way to say thank you to long term employees, and even to make relatively new hires feel welcome should their birthdays occur soon after they join your staff. Another benefit of honoring

  The SurePayroll Small Business Scorecard has announced an increase in the average pay of small business employees by 0.2 percent in July. Marketwatch reports that this increase is the first increase in 2014, spurred by a profitable first half of the year for small businesses. An increase in employee pay can have beneficial effects throughout both local and national economies, with more cash going into circulation as consumers are paid more. Ideally, higher paying small business jobs can stimulate a local economy, which in turn leads to growth on the part of the original small business. Should you give your employees a raise? Small businesses that have seen their sales increase leading to a more robust cash flow may choose to re-invest some of that liquid capital into their employee retention efforts. In particular, employees who demonstrate the potential to grow into leadership roles should have efforts made to retain them. An increase in salary is one of the most effective ways of keeping an

Team building exercises don’t have to be awful to bring people together. In fact, the more fun that your team building activities are, the more effective they are likely to be, since all that took place during the exercise is much more likely to be remembered and brought up between employees. Here are a few suggestions of team building activities that your employees are sure to remember and enjoy much more than a seminar. Paintball. The great thing about paintball is that there are many venues to play it, outside of urban centers and in suburban and rural areas as well. Another thing about paintball is that is a highly exciting and team oriented, but since a paintball gun does not require physical strength to use, anyone can participate, provided that they wear adequate protection. Paintball makes a big impression, especially in a relatively young office people tend to get very excited at the prospect. Rafting. Rafting is similar to paintball in that it is an adrenaline

The Affordable Care Act’s aim is a lofty one; to enable Americans of all levels of income to gain access to quality healthcare that they can afford. This simple idea is not exactly easy to implement in a country where there are already many forms of coverage out there, many differing opinions on public healthcare and a different approach to implementing the program espoused on a state to state basis, essentially creating 50 separate arenas that must be coordinated in order to provide the coverage that is the aim of the program. Outside of the administrative element of the program is the human element, represented by small business owners who have as varied opinions and experiences with the ACA as their businesses themselves. Small businesses are largely exempt from the most immediate effects of the law. The majority of businesses have been given grace periods within which to comply to the requirements of the new laws, and many of the businesses that are over the size

Germs are not only unpleasant, but in a small business setting they can wind up costing a lot of productivity when key team members take sick days. Counteracting the potential for lost time is pretty simple, but unfortunately, offices often become hotbeds for germs because employees don’t take the steps they need to keep themselves healthy, or will come into the office while under the weather, spreading their sickness to those around them. Hand sanitizer. Having hand sanitizer dispensers located around the office, particularly around food preparation areas and restrooms, can help stop the spread of microbes that occurs when sick people touch a surface that is touched by non-infected co-workers. Coming in to the office to avoid taking a sick day is a pretty common occurrence and employees may not realize that they are sick until half way through a work day. Providing a means to control physically transferred germs can mitigate the spread of infections even when there are sick people in the office.

As the Fourth of July weekend draws near, independence is a theme which demands recognition, in particular among small business owners. An independent group by nature, business owners responding to a Manta survey listed independence as the number one draw of being a small business owner an impressive 52% of the time, highlighting the power of self direction for bringing people into the fold of independent entrepreneurship. Self direction is also a powerful small business equalizer. Business owners may realize the personal benefits of small business ownership, but the independent nature of a small business also brings a significant edge when reacting to changing market conditions and innovative technology. Since a larger corporate competitor to a small business will have multiple levels of managerial authority as well as a human resources department that has sway over certain aspects of how change can occur, the turnaround time from the formation of an idea to its approval and realization can be much larger than in a small business,

Employee engagement is an important factor in the effectiveness of a business, making a large difference in the speed and quality of production within your offices. Aside from management techniques that enable employees to become accountable and vested in their results, adding some fun incentives to the work week is another strong way to bring your staff into a more productive and committed state of mind while on the job. Towards that end, here is how you can set up an employee of the month contest in three easy steps! It’s always a good ow your employees that you appreciate them, and when there is a little bit of competition in the air (in the spirit of fun) it can lead to better results on the part of your employees. 1) Decide what you are going to use as criteria. There are a few ways you can spin an employee of the month contest, and depending on your desired result, different criteria will be more important

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