When running a business with bad credit, making something out of nothing is a skill that can come very much in handy, especially when it comes to marketing which can be very expensive when left to third party agencies. Bad credit business financing means knowing where you have to spend and where you can scale back, and fortunately for small business owners, there is a lot of functionality that they can tap into without tapping into their cash flows if they know where to look and what to do with what they have. Be open to potential new technologies. In order to begin adopting new free technology, you have to know how to find it. Millennial employees are often a great source of ideas pertaining to a business’s use of technology, since they are usually pretty well acquainted with the use of tech in their daily lives. One example of a technology that was popularized by millennials becoming a platform for savvy marketing is Snapchat, a temporary

A small business’s email list is a valuable tool, and like other tools that a business uses, such as computers or machinery, it needs to maintained in order to keep it at peak effectiveness. Not only is it important to maintain your open rate and keep content fresh and interesting, it’s also essential that business owners manage who is on their lists and test for spam filter compatibility to protect the deliverability of their emails. The danger of a healthy mailing list being crippled by poor ability to deliver messages is present if maintenance is neglected, lowering the value of the customer information that it took time and effort to gather. Prune your contacts like you would prune a tree in order to keep your list growing healthily. As an email list grows, it is likely that some of your contacts will become inactive or lose interest in your service. What often happens when a person is no longer interested in receiving email marketing is that

Chances are good that if you have an email address listed on your business’s website, on profiles like Yelp or Yellowpages.com, or in other directories, somebody is going to email you pitching you a business service. If you have signed up for CRM tools or other business services, then you may already be on a few of their mailing lists as well. It can be tough to see value in being bombarded by B2B pitches if you are not actually interested in any of them, but there can actually be some real lessons small business owners can take away from the marketing material they are getting that can be applied to their own marketing strategies. Spam dodging tactics. Spam filters are the constant yin to the yang of email marketing. Spending hours customizing an email template is lost time if it will simply get swatted out of your customer’s digital fly zone by their spam filter. Aside from running tests on your own templates by sending

  Google has recently announced a more simple to find and use unsubscribe button that will now accompany any messages that already include unsubscribe links. The reason for this is supposedly to make it more likely that a user will click unsubscribe when no longer interested in a a promotion as opposed to choosing instead to report spam. When a newsletter or offer is tagged as spam, the more times it is flagged, the more likely that spam filters will intrinsically tag it as spam and stop it from ever hitting an inbox. Google claims that by making it easier to find unsubscribe links, they are conversely making it less like that unwanted messages will simply be tagged as spam, thus creating a win win situation both for Gmail users and marketers. Ensure that you are collecting email addresses appropriately. In order to avoid having either spam reports or large numbers of unsubscribes plague your email marketing efforts, making sure that you are collecting email addresses

Direct marketing through email is a strategy that many small businesses employ, since it is cost effective, produces results and is simple to manage, even with only a single person. For these same reasons, however, many business owners will make the mistake of putting their email marketing into a sort of auto-pilot. There are a few reasons why taking a more active interest in email marketing performance and mailing list management Ensure that you are reaching your subscribers. While it is important to keep an eye on the open rates of your email blasts, it should also be noted that spam and bounce rates are important to monitor as they indicate the percentage of your messages that aren’t making it to their target destinations. Remove no longer active email addresses, and be vigilant against spam reports, since once a message you send is deemed to be spam, the chances of your other messages getting through can  be seriously jeopardized based on how email inboxes are configured

Customers are the lifeblood of any business, but in the event that many of them are not local to your area, staying on contact with them can become a lot more difficult. Seasonality in a business makes it a lot more crucial to capture as many sales as possible during the peak season, and one of the ways to do this is by taking steps to ensure that you can recapture the business of customers who are returning to your area for the season. Beyond getting them to come back, ideally you want to encourage them to share their experiences with your business and tell their friends and family about it, expanding the reach of your business within the communities that they go home to. Here are a few ideas that can help your business remain in the minds of your seasonal customers, even after they return to their homes. Encourage them to preserve their memories of your business. Positive experiences, especially while on vacation, are

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