When your business’s website isn’t creating engagement, it can be a major problem. The more bounced traffic you get, the more it signals to search engines that your content isn’t what your visitors were looking for, which can push it down in search results. Apart from that, if you can’t get visitors to stick around on your website, that doesn’t bode well for your ability to create conversions and spread the message of your business through your copy. Building increased engagement with your website may be something that you want to do in an expedited manner, for example, if you notice that you are quickly losing ground to a competitor in a search results page and want to buff your time on site metric. Design work can quickly add up, depending on the scope of the project that you are interested in pursuing and the time frame that you need things done by, so at times it can be helpful to have a readily available

Small business owners are faced with tough competition for attention on the internet. While they can make things easier for themselves in terms of SEO by embracing local and long tail keywords, content and the ability to get visitors to engage with that content is an  increasingly important part of SEO, and without an inviting visual hook, it becomes less likely that your site will be able to generate enough attention and time spent on your pages to improve its rank. Video is a very strong option for increasing your time on site metrics. Video is one tool that can be very helpful in cutting down your bounce rates as well as improving the amount of time spent on your website on average. Getting ready to shoot a video takes time in order to create a concept that is backed by market research, as well as write a script, hire actors and a production company to tie everything together into a finished product. This can be outside

The term “data visualization” refers to the presentation of data gathered during the operation of a business in a format that is represented through images. Commonly the types of charts include bar graphs, pie charts which many business owners probably remember learning about in grade school. Apart from these basic types of charts, business owners can also use spider graphs to organize their thoughts, tree shaped graphs or pyramid graphs to denote managerial hierarchies, and other forms of charts that will allow them to see the data that they need to manipulate in a clear and intuitive way. There are many softwares that can assist in data manipulation for small business owners. Mind42 is a free website that allows for the creation of spider charts, or “mind maps” that can help business owners organize departments, project management tasks and other components where groups are centered around focal nodes. Lucid Charts is a program that business owners can use limited on a free basis, with subscription packages

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