Timing is something that is easy to understand, yet often very difficult to handle effectively on a repeatable basis. That being stated, the effectiveness of copy can vary greatly depending on the stage at which an prospective lead is introduced to it. Take for example an onboarding letter that would have been welcomed by a new customer. While potentially useful at the beginning of a lead pipeline, it is likely to be ignored after arriving a week after the fact, and while this may seem like an extreme example of how timing can go wrong, it’s not so far fetched to assume that  the margin of time outside of which copy loses its peak efficiency is more slim than that. Setting up the means to quickly deliver pertinent information and then grow a burgeoning relationship through interpersonal interaction allows business owners to move their businesses forwards with a focus on retaining as much business as possible. Automated emails are a good way to ensure

  Small business owners may not fully appreciate the advantages that they have because of their size and their ability to directly control the entirety of their business operations. Aside from the often touted control of their schedules this affords them, they can also enjoy the benefits of much more personal branding, creating relationships with their customers that have the potential to be much more significant and long lasting than those that their corporate counterparts are able to build. Personality is something that, unlike mass produced content, can’t be boiled down to a formula, thus making it a powerful X factor in the hands of a business owner willing to share some with their customers. What is the personality of your brand? Your brand probably already has a certain personality associated with it by your customers. Finding out how they view you is a good start when deciding how to go about building your brand image, so you may want to simply reach out to your customers

  A recent article on Yahoo Small Business touted marketing on Tumblr for small business owners. Tumblr is a great platform that combines some of the best features of a blog with a newsfeed comparable to Facebook or G+. In terms of allowing a business to connect to its customer base and get a better sense of what their followers are interested in, it is a versatile tool. However, a word o to small business owners who are thinking that they don’t need to host their own content in addition to contributing to communities such as the one found on Tumblr; be careful to not assume too much about content that you don’t directly control. If you lose your content on Tumblr or other 3rd party platforms, it can be gone for good. Something that small business owners may or may not consider about Tumblr and other third party platforms where they post their content is the fact that they are not the ones with final

  Businesses that are interested in improving and better coordinating their content writing strategies have a few areas where they can concentrate their efforts. On the one hand, they can attempt to create better quality information rich content that is more conducive to sharing and other social media activity, which typically takes more time to create. Apart from changing the quality of their content, they can increase or decrease the frequency with which they post it. When deciding what tack to take regarding their content strategy, business owners should be aware that, even if they do choose to post with higher frequency, they should not throw quality under the bus. Conversely, posting quality content too infrequently is not a strong strategy either. A happy medium needs to be hit that suits both the demands placed on your time as a business owner, as well as the needs and expectations of the audience you are trying to cultivate. The argument for quality. Of course, the better your

We’ve written a fair amount about the hiring process already on this blog, from what to look for when reviewing resumes to how to write a hiring ad in the first place, but have so far neglected to touch on an interesting part of hiring which is what to call the position for which you have an opening. This may seem insignificant, but in reality it makes a lot of difference in terms of what kinds of resumes you are going to get in response to your posting. While in most cases defining an open position is clear cut, for specialized roles it can be difficult to think of descriptive terms. When creating a hiring ad for a position that needs to be filled which doesn’t fall into a single specific, well known job title, business owners must think strategically about what to put in their advertisement in order to ensure they get a response from qualified people. For jobs that involve a technical ability that

Copy without personality is tough to trudge through for the person who wrote it, let alone for a casual visitor to a website, Yet thousands of blog posts and social media updates are created each day by those who feel that just by virtue of posting something they deserve to gain a following. This is simply not going to happen. If the copy that is being produced on behalf of a business is flavorless and bland it’s not going to create any meaningful response within your target demographic. That being said, it may not always be clear to small business owners without much writing experience what they can do to turn up the engagement potential of what they are producing. What they need to know in regard to their copy creation efforts is that the more personality they show, the better their response will be within the demographic that resonates best with their branding. Think of your writing in a conversational sense as opposed to

Hiring is a big and time consuming process in any type of company. In a small business setting, where each employee is counted on to contribute so much, hiring becomes even more important to get right the first time as turnover combined with the costs associated with finding and on-boarding talent can quickly drain company resources. While a large part of getting the right employees will come down to how effectively business owners are able to vet the resumes they get and how they can gauge the potential of an employee during the interview process, the hiring process starts with the ad that they put out announcing the open position. Making the ad as specific and intriguing as possible will allow business owners to attract the top level of talent suited to their job opening. Be specific about the responsibilities of the position, and include mandatory proficiency.  Including the specific details of the position that you are offering is essential in order to make sure that the

When writing about your own business, it can be hard to know where to start not because you don’t have anything to say, but because you want to say so much. Figuring out what your consumer wants to hear, and getting past everything that you want to say is the first step to being able to create a concise and interesting summary of your business. Identify what problem your business solves for your customers. Your business exists to fulfill a need on the part of your client. The question is, what is that need, and how do you go about solving it? This is the core proposition at the heart of your business plan and should be highlighted in your description of your business towards the very begging of the paragraph. Like writing an essay, you should begin your about section with a strong attention grabbing proposal that is reinforced by the proof you submit after. Include the key facts about your business. This is the area

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