Linkedin is a social network for professionals, and thus is mostly devoid of the purely social content shared on Facebook, with the predominant focus being on sharing relevant perspectives and expertise related to business. For entrepreneurs, it  can be a great tool for meeting influencers and establishing a positive reputation as a knowledgeable member of your industry. One tool for sharing expertise on Linkedin is their long form posting tool, which allows business owners to share more detailed articles than through posting a status update alone. What are the benefits of long form posting as opposed to sharing a blog post? When you post a long form article to Linkedin, there are a few unique benefits that make it a viable option as opposed to simply sharing a post that you wrote on your business blog. According to Linkedin’s page on long form posting, a long form post doesn’t expire, rather, it is displayed as a link on your profile, meaning that it has a lot

This infographic took all of 15 minutes to create, and while it is simple and unpolished, the point is to demonstrate that you can create something of your own with a minimal time investment, or spend a bit longer to make it look even higher quality. Additional Tips: When dropping background shapes in step 2, right click on the shapes and click “send to back” in order to allow your text to appear in front of the shape. You can change both the width and height of your slide in order to fit more information onto it. There are many additional effects that you can add onto shapes beyond simply changing their size and color, for example, the glow around the lightning bolts in the above infographic. You can use preset textures and gradients when choosing a background in step 4, or you can create your own background using photoshop or Ms paint and upload it. Be aware that if you go this route,you should

Content is king goes the saying, and to the one with the best content go the spoils is what one might conclude from this. However, this isn’t absolutely true when you include content curation in the picture. Content curation refers to finding and sharing content that is directly relevant to the interests of your target demographic, turning your social media presence into a place where your followers can find the type of content they are looking for even if you are not able to write a new piece every day. Along with strategic recycling of content, curation is the best way to flesh out a thread and retain interest. Content curation is great because it can also allow you to find opportunities to collaborate. When you promote the content of another business, you are helping them reach a new audience and allowing them to gain beneficial exposure. In many cases, this will be enough to prompt them to return the favor. Fruitful interactions between social media

  SEO can be a major game changer for small businesses, especially for home based or internet based businesses that don’t have a brick and mortar location to promote. That said, navigating the world of SEO isn’t easy, and by some accounts, it’s only going to get harder. Business financing allocated to shady or black hat SEO practices is money wasted, but for small business owners who don’t have a firm understanding of how to promote their own websites, it can be tough to differentiate between snake oil and the real thing. That’s why as Google becomes more and more able to weed out poor quality content from its search results, business owners may actually have a reason to celebrate. A small business perspective is still valuable and can generate interest. The good thing about small businesses in relation to creating content is that they are uniquely positioned to have engaging perspectives. What it takes to run a business is something that people want to know

  On the road to small business success, gaining control of the buzz surrounding the business will greatly help its ability to get recognized for the right reasons. While some buzz, such as word of mouth and customer submitted reviews, can be cultivated and promoted but not originated by the business itself, pr in the form of content and collaboration with media sources such as the local news or industry blogs is able to be directly engaged in by small business owners, and can be a great way to get out a brands message using already established channels. What is your brand’s message and why does it deserve to be shared? Thinking holistically about a brand’s message and what makes it unique will allow you to create more engaging material for press releases, which can then be released through news-wire services in order to gain rapid exposure from a wide range of digital publications. For business owners who don’t wish to allocate financing to news-wire services,

The distinction between talking to someone and at someone is a big one to take into account in all forms of communication, from marketing to management. When talking at consumers, brands put out their message in a way that is simply there and not able to be commented on or interacted with in a way that meaningfully includes that brand. By contrast, most digital marketing nowadays strives to initiate a two way conversation between customers and the brand, jump-started by their original message and content. Things that businesses can begin to think of as “fire and forget” marketing tools, for example a company newsletter, should be revisited with the goal of making them easier to engage with. Even mediums of advertising that are non-digital still have the potential to incorporate the beginnings of a conversation that can be moved to digital media through incorporating calls to action, questions, polls that can be voted on and other enticements customers react to. Why is fostering dialogue important? As

  Businesses that are interested in improving and better coordinating their content writing strategies have a few areas where they can concentrate their efforts. On the one hand, they can attempt to create better quality information rich content that is more conducive to sharing and other social media activity, which typically takes more time to create. Apart from changing the quality of their content, they can increase or decrease the frequency with which they post it. When deciding what tack to take regarding their content strategy, business owners should be aware that, even if they do choose to post with higher frequency, they should not throw quality under the bus. Conversely, posting quality content too infrequently is not a strong strategy either. A happy medium needs to be hit that suits both the demands placed on your time as a business owner, as well as the needs and expectations of the audience you are trying to cultivate. The argument for quality. Of course, the better your

  In an article on, the future of the SEO industry was discussed as well as the role that content will continue to play in digital marketing, both for small businesses as well as larger corporations. As Google continues to improve its algorithms, its aim is to reduce the ability of SEO’s to manipulate site rankings though strategic optimization. While making sure that a site is coded cleanly, contains strong copy and is able to hold the interest of a visitor will not stop being important, it may simply become a matter of course, with major gains in SERPs progressively more difficult to engineer outside of natural improvement based on repeat and new traffic combined with social and low bounce rates. Where does content fit in? While being able to manipulate SERPs through content overnight isn’t a realistic goal, businesses that do regularly create content should still be able to reap SEO benefits over time. In Google’s eyes, the best, most informative and relevant content

Reuters has reported on YouTube’s new round of talks with Hollywood and Indy content creators in an effort to attract them to create premium content on the site. A rise in premium content would allow for YouTube to charge higher rates for advertising, which is an important source of revenues for the website. However according to the article, there may or may not be action taken by YouTube as a result of these meetings. Still, for small business owners, any change to YouTube could necessitate some strategic maneuvering in order to gain or preserve exposure for their own channels. A higher level of polish on Youtube content would mean small businesses would have to find ways to compete. In order to win views for their own content, small business owners might be forced to think of ways to keep their content in front of their target audiences in the face of competition from more professionally produced, sponsored video. Creating video that is embedded on a landing

Copy without personality is tough to trudge through for the person who wrote it, let alone for a casual visitor to a website, Yet thousands of blog posts and social media updates are created each day by those who feel that just by virtue of posting something they deserve to gain a following. This is simply not going to happen. If the copy that is being produced on behalf of a business is flavorless and bland it’s not going to create any meaningful response within your target demographic. That being said, it may not always be clear to small business owners without much writing experience what they can do to turn up the engagement potential of what they are producing. What they need to know in regard to their copy creation efforts is that the more personality they show, the better their response will be within the demographic that resonates best with their branding. Think of your writing in a conversational sense as opposed to

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