Company culture is part of your business’s intangible assets, which, while intangible in name, are a very real part of what makes your company valuable in the eyes of a potential buyer or business appraiser. Therefore a positive company culture where people get along together, feel free to contribute their thoughts and skills and are invested in their jobs is not just a nice to have, it’s something that can greatly add to the value of your business. In many ways, smaller businesses have advantages when it comes to fostering a healthy company culture. Given their small size, everyone is likely to know each other, and are likely to interact with each other in a business context as well. This allows for plenty of room for the creation of strong relationships that can contribute to efficiency in the workplace. The bureaucratic layers of policy that can be added to a corporate environment over time tend to have a sour effect on morale unless actively worked against

In a great article from Forbes, some tips for female entrepreneurs were looked at provided by  Maria Coyne, Executive VP of Business Banking at Key Bank. One of the tips that rang particularly true was the second, which suggested forming an advisory group, wherein entrepreneurs can offer each other advice, shared resources and expertise in the nuances of managing industry specific tasks from a shared perspective. Along with tips that included a call to female entrepreneurs to familiarize themselves with the basic math that goes into managing a business and keeping a clean balance sheet, the suggestion to form advisory groups is stronger than one might initially think. Business owners who have mentors have been shown to benefit tangibly, through being able to avoid common mistakes, gain insight on problems that otherwise would have taken them much more time and resources to troubleshoot. How can you begin to form an advisory group? The first step to creating an advisory group is to network with other female

While no business owner wants a disaster to occur in their workplace, every business owner should at least allow for the possibility of a natural or man made disaster occurring and have a plan in place for how to react. An emergency response plan should be understood by your employees, and depending on the size of your staff, it may be prudent to appoint floor captains or designated employees who are charged with ensuring that their groups are aware of emergency procedures in the event of a calamity. Know the strategic points within your location. In the event of a fire, business employees should know the quickest and safest ways to exit the premises, however in the event of a hurricane, they should not go outside at all but rather find a secure location within the building. Different emergencies will necessitate different responses, so being aware of all of the strategic points within an office location is important in order to be prepared for all scenarios.

Inspiration is like a plant that can grow in any soil, no matter how rocky, but regardless, it still needs cultivation to truly flower. As leaders, business owners are in a position to truly benefit those around them with their leadership abilities as well as their ability to serve as a positive public example. Business owners may feel like they are not in industries with the exposure to make a real difference, but they would be wrong. Any business can create a positive influence in their communities by demonstrating positivity in their dealings with their customers and those around them. What are some ways that business owners can lay the framework for positive inspiration in their workplace and beyond? Here are a few standard practices for making a better and bigger impression. Embrace customer service as the key to business growth. In every business, you are going to be dealing with customer inquiries and sometimes those will take the form of complaints. Nothing can be expected

Work is essential to the realization of your entrepreneurial goals. There is a lot that small business owners are willing to give up or do without in order to reap the satisfying rewards of running a successful business. But one of the things that can supersede the desire to push forward is a need to spend time with family members and other loved ones. It’s part of what allows us to keep working and making progress towards our dreams, and maintaining a connection to your support network should not be allowed to fall to the wayside while you run your business. Managing a work life balance calls for some strategic compromise. It will be unlikely that you are able to take off as much time from work as you would like to, just as it is unlikely that there won’t be any work related tasks that can wait for a little longer. The trick to making sure that you can have both is learning to identify

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