SBA Goes after EPA Clean Water Rule

Thursday, 02, October , 2014 by

Clean water rulings from the EPA attempting to extend its jurisdiction to include not only America’s navigable lakes and rivers but feeder streams and ponds as well have come under fire from the SBA, who says they are representing the voices of Farming small businesses in particular as well as those who take issue with the potentially great expansion of jurisdiction the rule would represent for the EPA. However, according to earlier surveys of small business owners, a large majority were in favor of increased environmental protections that would protect the cleanliness of local waterways. Many businesses rely on the cleanliness of their local water as it directly impacts the cost of food production and the costs of doing business for many other industries. In a clarifying statement from Liz Purchia, EPA spokeswoman, the rule was defended as only a clarification of existing authority that would create no new requirements for small businesses. Is this rule really the issue, or are small business owners in general

According to an article on, small business owners across America agree that clean water should be promoted on the Federal level through the EPA. Currently, the Environmental Protection Agency has jurisdiction over the amount of pollution that can be dumped into waterways that are navigable year round, however this does not technically include waterways that feed into said navigable waters, such as lakes and streams. The EPA has proposed what it calls a clarifying ruling, and what opponents call an extension of its jurisdiction which would allow it to regulate pollution going into bodies of water feeding in to navigable waters. Support for clean water regulations is strong among small businesses, regardless of political affiliations. American business owners value the cleanliness of their water, as it has a major bearing on their ability to do business in their areas. While restaurants and food based businesses are among the most reliant on water cleanliness for their businesses, clean water can make a larger difference in the

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