The benefits of multilingualism in a small business setting include the ability to do business with a broader range of customers as well as the highly focused ability to serve them in their native languages, allowing them to feel more comfortable, experience better customer service and create a stronger relationship with your business and your employees. Marketing in another language is another story from simply having the ability to do business with those who speak other languages, since it necessitates the ability to onboard bilingual or non-English speaking customers with much greater frequency than a single customer here or there, at which point having one or two bilingual staff members may not be enough. When small business owners are planning their growth, much of their later success or failure will come down to how well they anticipated the performance of the marketing they invested in, so making a blunder in terms of allocating marketing budget can put a damper on the ability of the business to

    Images are an incredibly important part of a digital store. Aside from the copy of your website, which is also highly important, it is the main descriptor that potential customers will use to decide whether or not they want to buy a product. Thinking of ways to improve the engagement level of this content can lead to a much higher volume of sales, so it is highly worthwhile for business owners to create a strategy that highlights their products in a way that brings their clients a more descriptive and enjoyable look at their form and function. In fact, according to a blog post from Kissmetrics, a product video can actually make a customer up to 144% more likely to make a purchase. Mathematically, that represents huge potential gains in revenue for business owners who take the time to optimize their content. Product videos are a useful tool for demonstrating elements of a product that photos alone could not. One way to increase the

The LA Times summed it up in their article lamenting the foul-heavy, ungraceful play style that the Brazilian team espoused during their run at the World Cup before the match even began. Now, with Germany having punished the host team with a final score of 7-1, there’s not much to do but take a step back and apply some lessons from the debacle. The Brazilians became famous in the soccer world for producing a long string of dynamic players known for their ability to play with a trademark grace, but in the semi-final match, just one game away from the final, something went very wrong to the level that it could not solely be blamed on the absence of two key players. Stick to what you do well when in doubt. One major pitfall that business owners can often stumble into is deciding to change their game to an extent that is bad for business. This is the same issue that plagued the Brazilians. Usually so graceful

If you’re looking to expand your small business, you may be turning towards investors to help you fund this great endeavor.  In order for a private investor to consider your small business, you have to convince him or her that there is a reason for them to invest in you.  You mush demonstrate that your business is fiscally sound, has potential to grow, and that it will only benefit the investor to become a part of this great opportunity.  However, in order to get investors to loosen the purse strings, you will have to be willing to subject yourself to increased scrutiny and to give up some control of your business.  Investors are not giving out free money – they will have a say in your business’ philosophy and actions.  Of course you will also have to hand over a percentage of your company and its earnings to the investors as well. In order to get investors on board with funding your small business expansion,

There are many financial products geared for small business owners out there. Since the financing landscape can be so alien and complex, small business owners might not be fully aware of the range of options available to them. For small business owners who, due to bad credit or other financial issues, can’t find financing from traditional small business loan programs, the issue can become a lot cloudier. Aside from taking the time to create a plan regarding when to apply for financing, they also need to consider what they are eligible for in the first place. Where bad credit business loan alternatives fit in. More commonly known as merchant cash advance, these products function similarly to small business loans, but emphasize monthly sales over credit score as their main criteria for approval. These products are typically much faster to get approved for than business loans since they don’t require collateral, so for business owners who have bad credit or for those who simply need fast access to

While there are many things that differ from industry to industry, and even from business to business, there are a few things that remain constant for every business owner. One of these is the need for a formal business plan. A business plan is required for everything from applying for a loan from a bank to recruiting business partners and top level employees, so it pays to have one that is both up to date and up to industry standards at all times. This isn’t a one time thing either. As your business grows and the markets you are in change, you are going to need to reflect this in your business plan with edits, additions and omissions. Something as simple as one key piece of information that is either wrong or outdated can make your business plan look bad no matter how clean the rest of it is, so keeping this document tuned up and ready to be looked at is a wise strategic

Navigating the financial landscape that comes with running a small business is often difficult, and it’s made even more tough by the presence of certain potholes and mirages. One common scam that small business owners should be aware of is the grant scam. How does a grant scam work? This type of scam is kept alive by a simple misdirection. Business owners will either stumble across or otherwise be made aware of a grant that their business is able to apply for, which, should they receive it, will give them what essentially amounts to free money. This should be the first logical red flag, but many business owners are willing to take the existence of grant programs at face value as fact. Once the business owners are sold on their grant applications, the next phase of the scam kicks in. You will be sold (or attempt to be sold) an expensive audit of your business plan, additional help filing your request, a one time fee, or

Guerrilla tactics are those used by a smaller or otherwise disadvantaged force to overtake and overcome a superior one. When applied to the practice of marketing, guerrilla tactics usually means a smaller firm, but sometimes a corporation or larger business using a lower cost but original or otherwise fresh technique to create disproportionate buzz for the total dollars spent. Due to its low cost nature, guerrilla marketing can be put to work for almost any business, and in fact, small businesses have some serious advantages when engaging in creative marketing techniques because of their small size and less stratified leadership. Identify a goal that can be reached with the help of guerrilla techniques. Small business owners don’t have to be promoting a specific sale or product when engaging in guerrilla marketing, but in order to focus their efforts and try and quantify their results, they can create some goals that they want their guerrilla campaigns to hit, such as shares or traffic to a page on

One of the greatest advantages small business owners have is their ability to quickly adapt to changing industry standards and marketing techniques, picking and choosing what works and what doesn’t much more effectively than a larger brand which usually has more inertia when it comes to making strategic decisions. An arena that small business owners are competing in very successfully is social media. Given the strong relationships that many small businesses are able to build with their customers and the either free or cheap costs of running a social media profile, even bad credit business owners are able to loan attention to the powerful source of business it represents. One of the newer offers in the social media marketing  landscape is Snapchat. Snapchat is a unique messenger service, sending messages in the form of pictures or videos that delete themselves after a preset viewing period of a few seconds. Snapchat is popular among millennials in particular, but also sees use in other age groups. What makes Snapchat

Many small business owners want to expand the techniques they use to market to their clients and build loyalty, but don’t have a huge budget to play with, or a lot of time to tinker with fine tuning something. Enter the newsletter, a simple concept that has stood the test of time thanks to its effectiveness and ability to increase engagement with a brand’s key customers. Small business owners in any industry can benefit from the creation of newsletters, and some businesses may wish to have more than one mailing list in order to run the gamut from enthusiastic clients to industry partners. Putting together a mailing list is a lot more simple nowadays thanks to CRM tools like Mailchimp and ConstantContact. You have the option of building a template for your newsletter that is simple to copy and edit to change out content on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis. Take the time to build a nice looking template. If you can’t, consider purchasing

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