Financing is an often mentioned yet poorly understood aspect of running a business. In addition to being vital when looking for business loans or bad credit alternatives, it’s important to understand in terms of pricing and time in the course of the day to day. In an article, BlueVine CEO and Founder Eyal Lifshitz offered some perspective on common financing errors made by small business owners, with the last point focusing on discounts related to expediting collections. The article points out that when a discount is offered in order to get paid faster, financing comes into play. A 10 percent discount for up front payment would seem advantageous, until compared with a scenario wherein financing is obtained for the month at a 4% rate for the month, allowing for cash on hand to last the month, with the full collection amount being gathered in the 30 day term. In the end this strategy saves the business owner 6% of what they would have lost

  Bad credit business loan alternatives have no restrictions on use. This means that for business owners who use this type of financing, the sky truly is the limit for how creatively they allocate their capital. While it’s typical for business owners to use bad credit business loans and similar products to purchase equipment, make payroll for new hires and expand their businesses to new locations, it’s also possible to use this type of financing to pursue business improvements related to the office environment. Making your office a more comfortable and productive place to work has benefits which range form reduced employee turnover to a heightened ability to relay information. Using small business financing to update tech. Each week in a typical small  business, multiple hours of work can be lost through the cumulative effects of faulty technology. Many things can get in the way of business owners updating their technology, which typically include a lack of time, a perception that the tech is not really that

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