Suggestions for Getting a Better Customer Perspective of your Business

by / Thursday, 24 July 2014 / Published in Productive Business Tips

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Business owners need customer perspectives in order to move their businesses forwards. Without feedback from their target market, their marketing efforts can’t be based on anything stronger than sales data and conjecture.

Leverage your customer service department to collect data on customer preferences. There is a reason why hiring customer service reps isn’t as simple as one might think, and the reason is not only should they be able to effect positive resolutions for customer issues, but they also need to be able to manage collecting and organizing customer feedback into usable formats.

Engage as many methods as possible for capturing feedback. There are plenty of ways to gather customer feedback, so why not use more than one to get as much usable data as possible?

  • Physical mailers- a physical survey either sent in the mail or distributed person to person can be sent back in exchange for a customer reward. It is usually a god idea to provide an incentive for returning a request for feedback for example, making it part of a contest.
  • Hashtag campaigns–  coming up with a hashtag and using it to track engagement on instagram, Facebook and twitter is a cost effective way of monitoring customer sentiment.
  • On page polling- include a poll on your business website that can collect feedback in the form of multiple choice answers. This is particularly handy for determining what product to promote or new service to offer.
  • Email- Including calls to action for feedback within company newsletters and even within email signatures is a good way to capture insights on what clients are thinking, and email carries the pro of being cost effective as well.

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