Small Businesses Owners Need to Be Aware of Holiday PPC Pricing

by / Friday, 21 November 2014 / Published in Small Business Marketing

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Small business owners who are engaged in PPC campaigns to promote their e-commerce websites are taking advantage of a technology that, when carefully calibrated, can bring them a large amount of qualified leads at proportionately much lower costs than other forms of marketing, such as mailer campaigns.

Be aware that certain keywords can become much more competitive during the Holiday season. Small business owners who have set their PPC campaigns to auto-bid on keywords should be aware that during periods of peak activity the prices of keywords can be artificially stimulated to become much more expensive than usual. If you are going to be running PPC during the holidays, make sure you set your bidding cap at a price that you are willing to pay for each click, bearing in mind that not every click through is going to result in a conversion. Do the math to calculate what your business can afford, and at what point you will make a profit. If you leave your PPC on autopilot, you might be surprised by your ad budget being consumed by a relatively small amount of clicks. Poorly planned marketing efforts are one very common area where small businesses lose money, so ensure that you are not going to be bidding on artificially inflated search terms.

Consider localizing your keywords to avoid major bidding wars. When small businesses go after the same keywords as major corporations, they can run up against issues remaining competitive against proportionally much larger budgets. In order to skirt some of the most intense competition, localizing the keywords that you focus on is one way that business owners can target their most likely customers with less interference from big box retailers. PPC, becomes more cost effective the more that you target and tweak it to seek out buyers within your main demographics, and for businesses, defining the area that they serve and then advertising in a targeted manner within that area is a smart move for eliminating waste in your budget.

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