Small Business Saturday: What you Should Check on During the Week Before

by / Monday, 24 November 2014 / Published in Small Business Advice

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This week marks the final countdown to a trio of sale days that small business owners have already been preparing for for the past month. Potentially the most significant of these days for many small business owners (particularly those without a stake in the e-commerce bonanza of Cyber Monday) is Small Business Saturday, a day of recognition for small businesses and their contributions to their local economies and culture. Businesses that have been planning promotions for the day are busy gearing up for the busy holiday shopping season to follow, but in particular need to have everything in place beforehand in order to smoothly greet and serve an influx of customers that can greatly exceed the normal volume their businesses are used to.

Prepare to follow up. One of the strongest aspects of Small Business Saturday for business owners apart from the potential for sales numbers that are higher than normal is the ability to create the beginnings of a relationship with a much larger number of customers. Not only should you seek to serve your new customers as effectively as possible while they are in your store, you should seek to gain a foothold into later sales through educating them about other holiday events you have planned, distributing exclusive sales offers, and encouraging them to sign up for mailing lists or even text alerts when appropriate. Even if you don’t make a sale with every new face that comes through your door, doing your best to spark contact that can last longer than a single day will broaden your customer base and add a second level of significance to your sale.

Set up your displays. In the days immediately proceeding Small Business Saturday, business owners should plan their displays in order to both entice new customers to walk in, as well as to highlight the products that they are featuring during their sales. The difference between a well planned and set up display and one that is left haphazard can be great, as the emphasis that you place on the items you are most reliant on selling can help your customers find what they want faster and increase their positive perceptions of their experience.

Make sure you have the inventory you need on hand. Running out of a popular sale item in the middle of a major sale can not only lose you a lot of potential revenue, it can also seriously disappoint customers who would otherwise have purchased more. Make sure that your inventory is on hand and ample enough to last you through the weekend. While excess inventory can be sold off during the remaining holiday season, running out on your big day is something you should take steps to avoid.

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