Small Business Saturday Takes Root Overseas in the UK

by / Wednesday, 03 December 2014 / Published in Retail Business Financing

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The 15% growth reported around Small Business Saturday in the US provides independent business owners with some encouraging news at the kickoff of the busy holiday shopping season. Contrasting with an 11% decline in Black Friday sales, it seems like an indicator that consumer feelings towards small businesses are warm in comparison to attitudes around corporate big box retailers, and that the efforts to promote the day on the part of American Express are beginning to pay increasing dividends as social media and word of mouth have contributed to year over year growth.

Not just a US phenomenon. As Small Business Saturday has grown, it is following in the footsteps of other commercial days of significance, including Black Friday and Cyber Monday, days where retailers and e-commerce players respectively slash prices in bids to entice high volumes of customers. According to a Forbes article, these shopping season promotions have already been embraced in the UK, and now Small Business Saturday is following suit in the second year of participation from UK small businesses. Part of the reason for the widespread success of the day, according to the article, has been support from a wide range of business and political figures both in the US and abroad. Small businesses have the warm sentiment of consumers and Governments on their side, as they are recognized as both key engines of national economies as well as contributors of local flavor and employment, making supporting their day of special recognition mutually advantageous to those in a position to spread awareness.

Photo Credit to Nikos Koutoulas on Flickr

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