Small Business Owners Support Clean Water

by / Tuesday, 29 July 2014 / Published in Outdoor Business

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According to an article on, small business owners across America agree that clean water should be promoted on the Federal level through the EPA. Currently, the Environmental Protection Agency has jurisdiction over the amount of pollution that can be dumped into waterways that are navigable year round, however this does not technically include waterways that feed into said navigable waters, such as lakes and streams. The EPA has proposed what it calls a clarifying ruling, and what opponents call an extension of its jurisdiction which would allow it to regulate pollution going into bodies of water feeding in to navigable waters.

Support for clean water regulations is strong among small businesses, regardless of political affiliations. American business owners value the cleanliness of their water, as it has a major bearing on their ability to do business in their areas. While restaurants and food based businesses are among the most reliant on water cleanliness for their businesses, clean water can make a larger difference in the overall economy of a a city or town, since the costs of purchasing potable water when it is not available can quickly drain funds and add steps to production. American Sustainable Business Council data reports that 80 percent of surveyed business owners favored expanded Federal protections of waterways, with the most significant concerns regarding the proposed changes coming from farmers and other business owners concerned about the wording of the ruling.

What can your business do to support clean water? Businesses can incorporate clean water advocacy into their branding and message, and reach out to other businesses in their area to combine their reach and social weight to put behind support for clean water. The more concerted an effort is made to raise awareness and support for clean, drinkable water on a local basis, the greater the momentum which can be created nationally allowing for a pragmatic and bipartisan solution to be put in place. Out of the many political issues surrounding small business garnering many different viewpoints, from trucking regulations to the new healthcare marketplace, it is heartening to see that business owners can still agree when it comes to change that can protect their businesses and their waterways.

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