Small Business Owners Should Seek Outside Perspectives on their Branding Efforts

by / Thursday, 13 November 2014 / Published in Small Business Marketing

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Branding is one of those concepts that is theoretically simple, yet more difficult to effectively put into action. The way that your brand is perceived on a number of factors coming together, from customer service and the quality of your marketing to the shape, color and sizes of your packaging or functionality of your services. Branding is an area that small business owners might associate more with larger corporations, but the reality is that business owners are able to pursue branding just as, if not more effectively than larger companies because of the higher degree of intimacy they can create in their customer relationships. Business owners can build their brand by internally promoting the values that they stand for and encouraging their employees to serve as brand ambassadors, but ultimately when they want to know how their branding campaigns are being perceived, they need to turn their lens in on themselves from the outside.

Gather outside perspective on your brand from customers. If you aren’t sure how to being getting a better perspective of your brand, then you need to turn to the people whose opinion really counts, that being your customers. Incentivizing your customers to respond to short branding surveys with special offers is one way to gain some perspective on where you stand in the eyes of clients. Before you send out a survey, you should  make sure that you know what results you are looking for, and think of questions that can tell you if that is what you are already achieving, as well as capture what it is that you are projecting if you are not on your mark. You should also realize that the survey you send in and of itself is a tool that can be used in branding, as is every contact that you have with your customers.

What makes your brand special? While there are ideals that more or less every business strives to uphold, there should be a certain something special that you can identify for your brand that sets it apart from the competition in your space. The brand it-factor that you have is something that deserves to be identified, promoted and protected.


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