Small Business Owners Should Look to the Future for Social Marketing Success

by / Tuesday, 28 October 2014 / Published in Small Business Marketing

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Social media has come a long way since the creation of Myspace and Facebook, to the point that it is a nearly ubiquitous global phenomenon, connecting people and cultures in a melting pot of digital interaction. Heavy hitters in the social media arena arena such as Facebook, with around 1.23 Billion currently active users, have been around for a while and the millennial generation who were among the first to adopt the technology have now been using the platform for around a decade, meaning that there is a user base on the network that is long standing and entrenched, but that does not meant that the platform itself is immune to challenges, and lately the latest round of networks have been making waves as they sound a challenge to long dominant brands in the space.

A movement towards privacy and quality of experience. Social media has entered a phase of its growth where it has gone from being a trendy new technology to something that is pretty well established as a phenomenon of modern life. As it has passed through its adolescent phase, the user experience and privacy concerns of the medium are becoming a bigger concern, in particular in the wake of user outcry over the seemingly excessive permissions required to use the Facebook messenger app. In an article from the Guardian, a few new networks were introduced, from the invite only Ello, which emphasizes privacy and a lack of ads in its response to Facebook’s increasing amount of flack over user experience sacrificed for profit. Tagstr and Edgee are platforms that emphasize content quality, also seen as a response to a profusion of fake or exaggerated news, celebrity gossip and list-form articles being shared on the Facebook platform. Each of these networks attempts to fix a major problem existing in first and second generation social media platforms, delivering a user experience that is more closely aligned with expectations of quality content, strong privacy and streamlined platforms.

Being a an early adopter can position your business well on a new platform. Evaluating your market is such an important part of running a business because it allows you to position your business ahead of the trends, and social media platforms are not an exception. For example, if your business had been on Instagram since the first few months of its release, odds are good that by now you would have a pretty robust presence on the network. The same applies for the next major Facebook challengers, but knowing which ones will wind up being a flash in the pan and which have the potential to endure is the tricky part. In general, it is good to know which new platforms ave a higher concentration of your target demographics so that you can focus on them. One way to determine which networks your business should invest more heavily into is through tracking if your current customers and followers mention any of them using hashtags or otherwise tagging them on other social networks that you are on.

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