Small Business Owners Are Savvy Social Media Marketers

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The advent of the social media age, wherein the internet and the forces shaping it are learning to create and promote better content, has proven to be a good thing for small business owners. According to a report on, just under half of small business owners reported that they have a content marketing strategy in place and more are using social media than last year. According to a linkedin infographic, social media was almost entirely used for marketing purposes by SMBs with the chief goal being the attraction of new customers. These figures should be exciting for small business owners whether or not they are currently engaged in a content strategy or are using social media, the reason being that there is now a mounting body of evidence that social media actually produces great results for small businesses. The biggest challenge that keeps business owners from pursuing these strategies is a lack of time, demonstrating that when they find the time to do it, they are generally able to get started creating engaging content relatively quickly.

The hardest part about going social as a small business owner is finding the time. For this reason, your small business may want to consider the addition of a social media manager that can set up and then grow out your networks. If this is out of the question, there are still ways that you can create a social strategy. The first step that business owners should take is identifying the networks that contain the highest concentrations of their target demographics. For example, a local business will want to make sure that it has pages on prominent local listing sites such as yelp  or, and can also build a following using facebook and targeted post promotion within their areas. A more B2B focused small business, on the other hand, might focus the majority of their efforts creating a strong linkedin presence, as there is likely to be a higher concentration of business owners on linkedin that they can reach out to and connect with.

Social media is part of the value of your business. The value of social media may still be a little bit abstract to small business owners, but a large and active social media following can be perceived as a serious asset when valuing a company. digital real estate and reach is a real commodity in today’s business world, and touting a well developed social following can help make your business appear stronger to employees, prospective partners and investors. Having a social media presence is also important for small businesses as it becomes increasingly expected on the part of consumers, who will often turn to the internet as their first source of information when following up on referrals or researching products they are interested in.


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