Small Business Marketing: What if you Simply Don’t Like Social Media?

by / Friday, 06 June 2014 / Published in Small Business Marketing

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There are many, many articles on the internet touting the benefits of social media for small business owners (and a fair share are on this blog), but even with the inundation of encouragement and the visible results that many businesses already enjoy, there is a large number of entrepreneurs who still don’t use social media. For these small business owners, there are a potentially endless number of factors why they don’t choose to use the services. For some, they don’t see the reach being worth the time investment, and increasingly they may be right. Others, however, may just not like the concept of social media in the first place, choosing not to use it to reach out. How can these business owners get some of the benefits of social media even if they choose to actively not create profiles or engage on it?

Even if you don’t create your own profiles, you can and should create content. Business owners may see content creation as inherently linked to social media, and theoretically they would be right, but if they don’t want to share content themselves, they should still be creating it. Why? Because for one thing, consistent content creation brings added value to a website for users, who may wind up spending more time on the site reading it. The keywords used in a blog post as well, when combined with increased visit time contribute to better SEO, which any business owner who has Googled their business can appreciate. Add some social sharing buttons, and you can glean some of the benefits of social media without having to engage in it yourself.

Even if you find social media distasteful, consider creating a profile for the exposure if nothing else. Even setting up a profile that contains a few images and a link to your site, if nothing more, can have potential uses. Many customers will search for your business on social media under the assumption that they can find you, so having at least something there can be better than nothing at all. At least in this way they can find a link to your website, which if your SEO is poor, may be hard for them to do.

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