Small Business Marketing: Take your Marketing Mobile

by / Tuesday, 03 June 2014 / Published in Small Business Marketing

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Moving into different marketing areas and strategies, business owners can often discover powerful ways to leverage technology for their benefit. Direct marketing, word of mouth and online marketing are all methods that most business owners put to use. Increasingly, mobile marketing is becoming important as well, and the better that small businesses are able to use a combination of mobile and local SEO, the more likely they will be able to benefit from customers being directed to their door by their smartphones. Often a mobile marketing campaign will serve as a complement to a local tactic, such as guerrilla marketing. Seeing an interesting ad or art piece may prompt potential customers to take out their smartphones to capture a picture or learn more, which will in turn expose them to your mobile website or the listings you have managed on local directories.

The value of mobile lies in its potential for immediate follow through. As more and more people use smart phones to surf the internet, their mode of use has increased the potential for small businesses to draw new customers simply by being listed. For this reason, business owners should be sure to claim their listings on business directory services popular on mobile, such as Yelp. They should also create a short, well written “about us” paragraph that can garner interest when people check out their profiles. Their reward for their efforts will be much more likelihood that people who have not heard of their business can discover it when looking for the service that they provide.

Claiming listings are just one form of mobile marketing. The importance of apps, social media integration and the gamification of services grows the more people use smartphones. In order to grow their networks and retain customers, apps can be a powerful tool for small businesses interested in investing in them, putting the ability to stay closely connected directly in the hands of their customers at the touch of a button. Popular social media apps like Vine can serve as a reminder to customers as well, provided that business owners are willing to update their profiles regularly with interesting content.  Gamification refers to the integration of video game entertainment value into the marketing or use of a service. For businesses that have the desire to hold the attention of their customers, making it easy and fun to use their service is in their best interest.

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