Small Business Marketing: Mobile Grows in Importance

by / Monday, 14 July 2014 / Published in Small Business Marketing

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Mobile web traffic has continued to grow as a percentage of all online activity, as reported by, and currently 60 percent of internet traffic is now occurring on mobile devices. This figure includes internet use by mobile apps, with organic traffic created by handheld devices including smartphones and tablets clocking in at around 35% of the total number. Regardless, if small businesses rely on digital, they need to be aware of the increasing importance of mobile and position themselves to take advantage of the implications.

Mobile ads. Mobile marketing is one way for business owners to take advantage of the traffic taking place on mobile devices. This type of advertisement is particularly powerful for businesses trying to create calls, since a mobile ad can allow for a conversion to a call with the touch of a button. Some apps also host ads, which can potentially be strong places for businesses to advertise depending on the demographics that they serve.

App development. Apps offer an unprecedented level of ease of use to consumers, since they are accessible on their phone or mobile device and are optimized for customer experience and ease of ordering goods and services. The development of an app for a small business is a strong step towards fostering customer loyalty, establishing brand recognition and increasing conversions.

Mobile site layouts. Even if your business is not advertising using mobile ads or thinking of creating an app, having a website layout that is able to properly display in a mobile format. There are many reasons for making your site mobile friendly, among them the importance of preventing bounces by people who visit your site on mobile devices, which, if you have decent local SEO in place, could wind up being a significant share of your traffic. Additionally, businesses may be listing their websites on digital directories that are popular on mobile. Should customers navigate away from their listing to their website, a non-functional site can leave them with a negative impression. It’s better to code the site to function both on a full sized monitor as well as on a hand-held device.

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