Small Business Marketing: Do you Need a Tagline Slogan?

by / Friday, 09 May 2014 / Published in Small Business Marketing

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In a world where businesses can come and go at an alarmingly fast clip, and market saturation and competition can make separate businesses in similar industries blur together in the perceptions of customers, it can be helpful for small business owners to use branding to stand out from the crowd and allow customers to more easily identify and recommend your business to others. A logo and a memorable name for your company are important as a base to support strong branding techniques, but apart from that business owners may want to create other memory aids for their business to further define their images. One way to do this is through the creation of a slogan or tagline that captures the message of your brand.

When creating a slogan, keep it simple. Remember that if you are planning on using the slogan you create on branded materials, or in a jingle or commercial it should not be very long. The reason for this is that the more complicated you make your branding to remember, the less effective it will be for the very purpose it was created to fulfill in the first place which is getting people to instinctively recognize it.

Keep it appropriate. The slogan that you pick for your business should be deliberately chosen to appeal to your target demographic. This means that for each business there will be varying levels of what is considered acceptable in terms of vernacular. As a rule of thumb, if you would feel embarrassed or self conscious saying your slogan in front of an audience, it’s a good idea to ask why, and if your wording can be tweaked to make things a little more tame.

Don’t guess; test it. Before you take your slogan and plaster all over your business, you might want to get a few other opinions on it, namely from your customers. In fact, holding a contest to create a business slogan, wherein your customers can vote, submit their own entries, or otherwise give feedback into the process is not a bad idea. This is especially the case if you can leverage it into a social media promotion as well, spreading the reach of the contest, boosting the volume of submissions and raising more brand awareness to boot. If this is out of the picture, having a few rounds of focus groups to determine if your branded slogan is a hit is another smart way to get to the real opinion of your target customers.

Photo Credit to James Cridland on Flickr

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