Small Business Marketing: B2B On Every Social Network

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Small business owners who are in the market for business to business services and products generally have social media presences put together on the biggest and most accepted networks. These include Facebook, Twitter, and G+ to name some of the first that leap to mind. However, the wider the dragnet cast for business, generally the better off you will be, and small business owners should consider the fact that maintaining a presence on just the three or four most obvious social networks is missing a much larger and more vibrant social media picture. If you are already pretty comfortable using the “big three”, then chances are you stand a lot to gain by taking the social game you’ve already honed and applying it to some other social media networks. Here are a few that you have probably already heard about, but may not yet have tried.

LinkedIn. Ok, so you most likely have a profile here already, and chances are also good that you have even made a business page, but if that is the only thing you’ve done with LinkedIn, you are missing a great network for B2B marketing. The trick to properly utilizing LinkedIn is to create great content and use it to grow a following. The engagement tools that come standard with your business page are informative enough to give you an idea of what performs and what doesn’t, and you can put out great content in an increasingly fine-tuned fashion in order to create the most engagement possible.

Instagram. Instagram isn’t a secret either, there are plenty of articles advocating putting your business on this simple and fun to use network. But it’s one thing to read that you should follow up on this and another entirely to actually do it. Why should a B2B marketer consider this network? Simple, because many other business are already using it to connect with their core demographics. This can be especially powerful for businesses looking to showcase the beauty and functionality of their products in a concise yet alluring format.

Vine. Vine is a relatively newer player in the social media world, and takes a little bit more imagination to use as a marketing tool considering the format is a short, looping video that can be indexed using hashtags in the description. However, many savvy marketers are already moving to this network in the hopes of appealing to the coveted millenial market. If your business is looking to market to other businesses, it makes sense to follow the marketing and put yourself in front of these forward thinking companies.

Pinterest. While pinterest is considered by some to be overly saturated by wishlists, recipes and pictures of shoes and handbags, the reality is actually much different as groups as wide ranging as truckers to tree-huggers have established their own enclaves on this social network. There are many businesses to be found using the platform as well, so it can be helpful to supplant your other social media efforts by using the platform to share images and content. Like Instagram, this is a predominantly visual network so it will work very well for those with attractive products or a flair for photography.

Stunmbleupon. This tends to get forgotten about, being considered as a sort of “set and forget” tool for sharing great content, but in reality Stumbleupon can be a great source of traffic for your business. What makes Stumbleupon more interesting is the fact that you can add friends with similar interests and share entire folders of content with them, making it so that, when used correctly, Stumbling your most thoughtful and engaging pieces will give you aton of mileage in terms of views, shares and ideally, conversions.

There are so many more networks out there. We encourage any B2B marketers out there to look deeper than face value at social media. By looking around, you are sure to find niche networks in your industry and a wealth of fast growing and exciting new platforms. Don’t limit yourself to what is the most apparent. By thinking outside of the box, you have the chance to place yourself in a truly advantageous position.

Photo Credit to 10ch on Flickr

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