Small Business Management: Tips on Hiring Holiday Employees

by / Wednesday, 19 November 2014 / Published in Small Business Hiring

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Come the holiday rush, the usual staff of a small business may no longer be enough hands on deck to support the surge of demand created by increased consumer spending. In order to make the most of the season (and the most profit possible) small business owners may have to take on some temporary staff members in order to keep their operations running smoothly.

The biggest challenge small business owners will face hiring temporary workers is competition and a smaller pool of candidates. With major retailers also in the game looking to hire temporary workers for the holidays, small business owners are going to have to think beyond traditional hiring channels in order to come up with the volume of workers they need in time to service the holiday rush. In an article that appeared in the Long Beach Post, it was suggested that business owners should branch out their hiring ads into their more immediate networks in order to get a more direct message out there and break through the noise of massive corporate hiring campaigns.

Social media, historical temp workers, and current part time staff are all solid places to look for additional holiday staff. Starting with the communication channels most directly linked to your business, you can begin to feel out the number of potential temps you can secure in your immediate networks. The benefit of this approach is that you are not going to have to pay to place your ads (although paying for some promotion of a hiring ad on Facebook may not be a bad idea, given the tendency of their algorithms to bury non-promoted business messages).

Be prepared to flash train new hires with training literature or a hands on supervisor. New hires may not be familiar with the protocols unique to your business, so in advance of taking them on, brief your managers on the correct protocols for quickly bringing new employees up to speed. You may wish to create some standardized training documents that can help new hires quickly brief themselves on what their roles entail, then follow up on finer detail through hands on training and clarifying questions to their supervisors.

Keep your eye on strong talent, and maintain ties for future hiring. When you find a temp employee doing well in the stressful crucible of the holiday season, you would do well to earmark them for future hiring efforts. If a temp employee is able to prove their worth, then seriously consider the hiring costs that could be saved by bringing them on full time, without to the need to initiate a full on hiring campaign down the road.

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