Small Business Management: Should you Take a Micro-Vacation?

by / Monday, 07 July 2014 / Published in Productive Business Tips

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While working as a small business owner, taking a vacation can become something that seems less important in the face of all the responsibilities of the day to day. Fantasizing about a week off can become the closest thing to a break that business owners allow themselves, but without taking any break whatsoever business owners can become stressed to a level that is actually detrimental to the health of their business and themselves. Even small rewards can make a real difference. Instead of working themselves to a point where they may make major errors due to overexertion, business owners should consider resetting their mental clocks with a micro-vacation. A micro-vacation refers to taking a vacation that, while only lasting for a short time from a couple days to just a half day- allows for some relaxation away from the demands of the true work week.

What should business owners plan into a micro-vacation? A short vacation can still be a reprieve for small business owners provided that mentally they are far removed from the demands of the work day. An example of a micro-vacation for a small business owner could be something as simple as driving outside of a city or town to enjoy a half day in nature with their phone off. The combination of being in a place that is removed entirely from the pressures of the work environment and the calming effect that natural spaces and plants can have on people allows for a real recharging effect, even in just a half day’s time.

The short time frame of a truncated vacation can help make relaxation easier. Sometimes the anxieties that business owners can feel being away from work can go against the purpose of a longer vacation. For someone who is truly busy, being away for a day is much more tolerable than leaving a business for a full week at a time. Knowing that in a day’s time they will be back in their office and able to pick up projects with a quick turnaround can help business owners let go in the time that they are away from work and feel comfortable taking measures such as turning their phones off and getting some real peace and quiet.

It can be a good technique for allocating time with loved ones. Business owners who may want to spend more time with their family can use one or two day breaks to participate in special family activities without leaving the office for an extended amount of time. The point of a shortened vacation is to make it easier to really engage with your family, as opposed to being preoccupied with checking emails and monitoring CRM tools. The fact that work can be gotten to quickly means that turning off a phone is a lot easier, which can allow for more quality time with important people.

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