Small Business Financing: Should You Invest in Photoshop Training?

by / Monday, 30 June 2014 / Published in Small Business Financing

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Additional technology training isn’t always necessary for small business owners. Even if they are considering picking up a new program in order to broaden their ability to handle digital projects, a lot of the time they can get by through online lessons or simply searching for answers to issues when they become constraints. The drawback of a DIY approach to software learning, however, is the fact that it can take a lot of valuable time that business owners could otherwise spend improving business processes or pursuing new avenues of growth. Generally speaking, the more features and nuances present in a software’s interface, the more likely it will be that investing in a professional training program is worthwhile. Case in point, Photoshop.

Why is Photoshop useful in a small business context? When people think of photoshop, their first thoughts might be more along the lines of funny edited pictures and less towards the potential uses that it brings to a business. That said, photoshop’s usefulness in a business setting shouldn’t be underestimated, especially for businesses that are willing to perform a large amount of their marketing in house. With a moderate amount of skill in photoshop, small business owners are able to create many useful pieces of material:

  • Menus, brochures and other physical materials. An eye catching flyer can be very helpful for small businesses interested in bringing foot traffic and repeat business into a physical storefront, and since design costs can add a significant amount of costs to a printing job, business owners might want to skirt that step and create marketing material for themselves.
  • Infographics. Content that is visual can lead to longer time on site and more social media sharing activity. Small business owners, in particular those involved in B2B marketing, can use infographics to convey a dense amount of information quickly and without losing the attention of consumers.
  • Showcasing products. Using photoshop to clean digital images of products before hosting them on an ecommerce website is a typical use of photoshop skills. In addition, optimizing images in photoshop before sharing them can lead to better results on primarily image-centric social media networks, such as Instagram and Pinterest.

In order to determine if training is worthwhile, consider the long term savings over the cost of your time investment. Just because you want someone within your organization to be adept at photoshop, that does not mean it has to be you, the owner of the business. You may want to bring in additional tech training for all of your staff, hire someone who has knowledge of photoshop specifically, or handle it yourself depending on what the value of your time is and the importance of visual content to your business. If content creation is a major priority within your business, it can make sense to invest in at least a cursory understanding of photo manipulation programs, since the likelihood that you will need to utilize these skills will be high. For other businesses, it is more of a nice to have than a necessity, although for any business looking to boost social media involvement the ability to create eye catching visual content should not be underestimated.

Photo Credit to Jess Pac on Flickr

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