Small Business Financing: Segmenting Customer Groups for Targeted Marketing

by / Friday, 13 June 2014 / Published in Small Business Financing

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It can be tough to know what the best way to gather and sort customer information is, but given the fact that the more you know about your customers, the better you are able to make sales, it’s an important area for small business owners to work on. What can they do in order to keep track of who they are working with? Here are a few ideas for gathering and cataloging information on who is driving your sales numbers.

Create a follow up to your lead forms. A lead form should really only collect the essentials, since the longer and more complicated that it is to fill out, the harder it is going to be to get visitors to the site to take the time to fill it out at all. One solution to this issue is to make extraneous fields non-required, but even the site of a long and daunting lead form can deter people from taking the time to fill it out. You can get around this problem by reducing the number of fields on your lead form, and then directing your customers to a follow up page requesting further information. This can be beneficial because at that point you will already have gotten your conversion to go through and can now request a follow up without the worry that asking for more information will lead to your customer leaving without giving you anything.

Index your leads using a CRM suite. The critical information that you gather about who is using your products is something that should be stored in a way that makes sense and is easily accessible when you need it. CRM suites such as Salesforce can allow business owners to easily put information into an easy to use database. Once their information is stored, they can organize it to gain the insights that they need for further targeted marketing. Being able to access customer information in one convenient place can help your business to better serve customers calling in looking for information. The fact that it will also help you index leads for marketing purposes is an added kicker.

Figure out which products you offer appeal to which segments of your market. Depending on your business model, you may only see a few areas where you are getting results, in which case you may want to pull back unsuccessful products or services that you have on offer, conserving the capital that goes into making them. Alternately, you may see that only a certain demographic within your overall consumer base goes for one of your products, in which case you can attempt to focus your marketing to only go for that single segment. 

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