Simple Self Improvement: Why Hydration Matters

by / Monday, 29 September 2014 / Published in Business Lifestyle

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According to, some of the symptoms of dehydration include sleepiness, confusion, headaches and dizziness, all symptoms which have the potential to sneak up on you should you not recognize or respond to the cues your body gives you when it requires more fluids. When in the course of running a business, it’s often the case that business owners will be preoccupied to a point that they may forget to take care of themselves, opting to miss meals or eat nutritionally poor quality food, forget to exercise and skip water for coffee, which due to caffeine content can actually contribute to dehydration. In order to stay focused on the many tasks you may have during the day while remaining hydrated, business owners can use the following tips in order to ensure that they are getting around the 6-8 8oz glasses recommended per day.

Drink water when you feel like eating. The sensation of thirst is often confused with hunger, and for those who may be trying to slim down, getting in more water during the day can bring the deed benefit of reducing the urge to eat. Water has no calories, unlike some sports drinks which can contain high levels of sugar or caffeine, making it the ideal beverage for satisfying thirst while cutting down caloric intake. By upping the amount of water that you drink, you may find that the mid-day snacks that you used to crave are no longer bothering you when you are fully hydrated.

Drink water when you transition from place to place. When leaving for work, when going to the restroom, when going home, periods of transition that occur naturally during the day are good times to get some water, as well as free from the pressing tasks that can distract business owners while they are actually in the office on duty or at home. Before heading out the door, consider filling up a bottle of water and drinking it during your commute as a way to get in a few more glasses and stave off dehydration.

Set reminders during the day. During the day you can schedule periodic reminders for yourself to drink up if you are really having trouble staying on top if it. It is common for business owners to use personal organizers to help themselves handle a wide variety of tasks, so don’t feel shy about using these tools for personal development as well.

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