3 Ways Small Businesses Can Make Customers Feel Special

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A good small business does its best to make sure the customer is always satisfied.  Customer satisfaction is of the utmost importance now more than ever, with social media sites and review websites like Yelp allowing for customers to share instant feedback with the public. In addition to all that you already do in order to please your clientele, make sure that you show your thanks and appreciation for their business, especially during critically important times like the Holidays.  Everyone likes to feel appreciated, and showing your customers that you value their business and appreciate them as individuals will keep them happy and satisfied proponents of your brand.

How can you show your customers some appreciation?  Here are a few tips:

  • Say Thank You.  This may sound simple, but it is important to thank your customers for their business.  Showing verbal appreciation goes a long way to make your customers feel valued.  In addition to thanking customers in person, you can send thank you emails that include information about upcoming sales, specials, company news, and events, provided that you have obtained their emails with express consent on the part of your clients. Excessive spam complaints or account suspension can occur if you email clients who have not indicated any willingness to receive your promotional emails.
  • Maintain a Relationship with your Customers.  Show your loyal customers that they are special to your business by sending them exclusive promotions and rewards cards.  Host pre-sale or other relevant events especially designed for longtime customers.  Offer introductory coupons to new customers.  These personal gestures will show your customers that you are thinking of them and putting energy in to maintaining a good relationship. One example technique used by many restaurants is a special birthday coupon mailed to customers who submit their information. A nice on a birthday dinner is a wonderful thing for a client to receive on their special day.
  • Celebrate your Anniversary.  Anniversaries are not just for personal relationships, but for business relationships as well.  Jeff Kranz of Kranz Training, a  sales training company, advises to celebrate the date each customer begins to do business with your company.  Sending an anniversary card out on that day, and perhaps offering a thoughtful promotion as well, shows a customer that he or she is memorable and that his or her business deserves to be celebrated. This technique requires attention to detail, which is exactly what allows business partners and customers to feel special.

Following these three tips will help you to show your customers that you are thankful for their business.  A customer that feels appreciated is more likely to keep doing business with you and to refer you to others as well, so treat your clients like you would want to be treated.

Photo Credit to Orange Theory on Flickr.

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