Should Your Small Business Invest in Multilingual Marketing?

by / Monday, 22 September 2014 / Published in Small Business Marketing

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The benefits of multilingualism in a small business setting include the ability to do business with a broader range of customers as well as the highly focused ability to serve them in their native languages, allowing them to feel more comfortable, experience better customer service and create a stronger relationship with your business and your employees. Marketing in another language is another story from simply having the ability to do business with those who speak other languages, since it necessitates the ability to onboard bilingual or non-English speaking customers with much greater frequency than a single customer here or there, at which point having one or two bilingual staff members may not be enough. When small business owners are planning their growth, much of their later success or failure will come down to how well they anticipated the performance of the marketing they invested in, so making a blunder in terms of allocating marketing budget can put a damper on the ability of the business to move forwards. Demand for your service must first be strongly demonstrated by the multilingual demographic you will be advertising to. In addition, you should be concerned with the density of the population of those non-English speakers, since it may not be worth it to put an advertisement in a single non-English language in an area where the majority of those who see it will still be English speakers (that is unless your specific market is only comprised of non-English speakers). Alternately, you may wish to include both English and a second target language on the same marketing material, effectively conveying that you are able to serve both markets to those who may only see a single ad.


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