Should Business Owners Have a Work from Home day?

by / Wednesday, 06 August 2014 / Published in Business Lifestyle

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If you have a solid managerial foundation in your office, working from home can help you to beat some of the distractions present in your office and plan for the big picture. While being in the office can help you to galvanize your employees and stay involved in projects in real-time, it can also become a distraction that takes time away from macro-processes vital to the long term health of your business. While it is important to be available to your employees and managers and be able to successfully steer your employees in then right direction so that all goals are met, as long as you are confident that your employees recognize the areas where they are accountable,

Use time in your home office to review your long term strategies. The long term goals of your business can often become clouded over by the demands of the the day to day, and unless interim goals are created and met as stepping stones to a larger goal, it’s very easy to get lost on tangential developments. When a business owner steps out of the immediate demands of the working day and into a separate space, it provides the breathing room and the pre-allocated time needed to revisit and re-calibrate in order to pursue their macro goals. Time out of the office can also serve as a time for getting things done that would otherwise sit on the far end of the to do list. A potentially helpful technique is to create two separate to do lists, one for the regular week and one for your home office day. Should a to do list item keep getting pushed off for later, it can be moved to the second list which takes priority during days worked from your secondary office location.

How does your regular weekly routine match up with your business plan? Updating a business plan and reconciling it with your actual processes is an important part of keeping a business up to date. In  some instances, a business will have expanded to a point that a business plan needs to be updated in order to include documentation of the changes that have occurred. A business may also have veered off from the original proposals of the business plan to the point that they need to be corrected. Having an up to date business plan on file is important for a number of reasons. It is the blueprint and road map to your success and neglecting it runs the risk that your business drifts into a negative direction.

If a weekly work from home day is too much, consider a bi-weekly or monthly day out of the office. While a business that is only made up of a precious few employees rallying around a central manager may not be able to afford having a leadership figure out of the office once a week, the benefits of taking time to step back and work on strategy can still be obtained with less time out of the office, provided that business owners truly commit to the idea of using the time they take out of their primary office location seriously.

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