SBA Goes after EPA Clean Water Rule

by / Thursday, 02 October 2014 / Published in Small Business News

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Clean water rulings from the EPA attempting to extend its jurisdiction to include not only America’s navigable lakes and rivers but feeder streams and ponds as well have come under fire from the SBA, who says they are representing the voices of Farming small businesses in particular as well as those who take issue with the potentially great expansion of jurisdiction the rule would represent for the EPA. However, according to earlier surveys of small business owners, a large majority were in favor of increased environmental protections that would protect the cleanliness of local waterways. Many businesses rely on the cleanliness of their local water as it directly impacts the cost of food production and the costs of doing business for many other industries. In a clarifying statement from Liz Purchia, EPA spokeswoman, the rule was defended as only a clarification of existing authority that would create no new requirements for small businesses.

Is this rule really the issue, or are small business owners in general leery of more Government regulation? In the wake of regulations on many industries as well as mandates for compliance with Obamacare, business owners may feel that any more regulation is going too far and will continue to drive up the costs of doing business in a weakly recovering economy. The reality as far as this rule is concerned is that without clean water the costs of doing business will only continue to go up as non-potable water must be treated before it is able to be used for food production. Protecting the natural resources that business owners already use is of the essence in order to maintain healthy local economies and populations.

Photo Credit to Matthias Ripp on Flickr

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