Read My Tips: Content Marketing and your Small Business

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With the Hummingbird update from Google, content promises to be even more important than ever before for promoting small businesses on the internet. With that in mind, actually knowing what content marketing is and how you can put it to work for you is no longer a “nice to know” bit of information. Every business, from commercial trucking to basket weaving, will require content on their websites and on their blogs (yes you need to have a blog). The theory behind content marketing is making this content work for you, providing important benefits ranging from increased SEO prevalence to increased time and conversions from your website. The strategy behind content marketing seems to go against the fist instincts of a marketer. It doesn’t simply push sales materials on as many people as are wiling to hear them, rather, by creating things that people might actually want to read, content marketing turns your small business into a source of information that attracts customers naturally.

Using other forms of media, including video and infographics to provide engaging material for your clients is another fundamental part of a content marketing strategy. You should strive to communicate material that your client base wants to learn more about in a way that they will find interesting. For this reason, it can be easy to dismiss content marketing during the first three month of using the strategy; it’s more slow burn than simply cranking up the amount of money you spend on adwords, and yet, the returns from a content marketing strategy that has regular upkeep can be great, as well as the returns in the form of consumer trust.

Identify your niche. What do your customers want to know more about, and how can you funnel them into your site with trails of content that they like?

Curate and create. Don’t bombard people with hybrid sales content, instead, find articles that are actually really interesting and then circulate those along with your also interesting original content.

Be social. Share what you produce on your social networking channels, and when people interact with your content, be sure to thank them. Engaging your social media base is a strong way to benefit from a content production strategy.

Photo Credit to Sally Wilson on Flickr

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