Quality Vs. Frequency: Finding the Right Mix for Your Small Business Posting

by / Wednesday, 16 July 2014 / Published in Small Business Marketing

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Businesses that are interested in improving and better coordinating their content writing strategies have a few areas where they can concentrate their efforts. On the one hand, they can attempt to create better quality information rich content that is more conducive to sharing and other social media activity, which typically takes more time to create. Apart from changing the quality of their content, they can increase or decrease the frequency with which they post it. When deciding what tack to take regarding their content strategy, business owners should be aware that, even if they do choose to post with higher frequency, they should not throw quality under the bus. Conversely, posting quality content too infrequently is not a strong strategy either. A happy medium needs to be hit that suits both the demands placed on your time as a business owner, as well as the needs and expectations of the audience you are trying to cultivate.

The argument for quality. Of course, the better your content is, the more intrinsic value it brings to the table. Those who are exposed to it will be that much more likely to interact with it, and it reflects better on your brand. Quality is subjective, but generally speaking better content will feature more information, more visual content and more links to other interesting content. A strong article posted even once a week is enough to start building an audience, provided that other work goes into sharing the content on social media, interacting with influencers and network building. For business owners who can’t see themselves creating more than a few blog posts per month, or for those who prefer social media management to content creation, turning down frequency and creating better content can be a rewarding technique.

The argument for frequency. On the other hand, part of content marketing is creating a following that has a reason to regularly visit your site. It can be a lot more difficult to build a base of traffic with only sporadic posting. Another reason why more content can be beneficial is that is creates more pathways for traffic to your site. A single article shared once is a lot easier to miss in a feed than three articles posted at different times. Furthermore, more variety of content means more opportunity to reflect on what works and what doesn’t in your strategy through reviewing stats on engagement, as well as traffic reports in Analytics indicating how long people read each article, how many visitors bounced and their path through your site.

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