Protecting Your Small Business From Holiday Crime and Bad Credit

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The holidays represent a great time to be a small business owner, as more business around this time of year means that you will be able to create more revenues. However, criminals are also aware of the increase in business volume around the holiday season, and target in particular businesses that handle a large amount of cash around this time of year, including retailers and other service providers like limousine and taxi services. Invest in the security of your small business, and the safety of you and your employees identities and credit, by taking the following steps to stay secure this year.

Document Shredders can safeguard sensitive information. When you throw out documents, you are creating an opportunity for thieves to salvage potentially sensitive information about your business and your employees. This can be avoided by investing in a document shredder, which will destroy any records leaving your business. In general, shredding documents is a good safeguard, but for businesses that collect a large amount of sensitive information, in particular b2b services and businesses that process a high number of credit cards, shredding documents leaving the office is an essential step.

A Firewall upgrade can keep your machines safe. If you have not updated the firewall on your office machines lately, consider upgrading your software, or at least downloading the most recent version of the software that you already have. Why? Because there are many different computer viruses out there, and more are constantly being developed. Even if your employees use their machines for strictly work related tasks, there is still a chance that harmful viruses can get on your computers through email scams or fake links that trick your employees into visiting malicious websites.

Consider a security audit if you think there are gaps in your protection strategy. A security audit consists of security and IT professionals testing the strength of your protections through looking for holes in the protection offered. After they identify the weak parts of your security system, the will give a list of recommended changes and upgrades so that you know what to do to raise the standards around your business’s security.

Protect your business with on location security. While hiring on location security full time may not be necessary for your small business, if you are going to have larger amounts of cash on hand than normal and want to safeguard against the risk of burglary, you should consider beefing up your holiday security with on location personnel. Since during the holidays, many last minute purchases are made with cash, small business owners may find themselves with a surplus of cash on hand at their locations that they don’t normally experience, making it more difficult to secure.

Photo Credit to Simon Cunningham on Flickr

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