Promoted Content on Youtube: What Changes Could Mean for Small Business Owners

by / Monday, 14 July 2014 / Published in Technology For Business

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Reuters has reported on YouTube’s new round of talks with Hollywood and Indy content creators in an effort to attract them to create premium content on the site. A rise in premium content would allow for YouTube to charge higher rates for advertising, which is an important source of revenues for the website. However according to the article, there may or may not be action taken by YouTube as a result of these meetings. Still, for small business owners, any change to YouTube could necessitate some strategic maneuvering in order to gain or preserve exposure for their own channels.

A higher level of polish on Youtube content would mean small businesses would have to find ways to compete. In order to win views for their own content, small business owners might be forced to think of ways to keep their content in front of their target audiences in the face of competition from more professionally produced, sponsored video. Creating video that is embedded on a landing page within the business’ website is a strong move for getting it viewed, as well as because of the SEO benefits video can bring to a webpage. Adding business produced videos to a playlist is another way to encourage more views, as is encouraging viewers who like content to subscribe to the business’ channel.

Specialization is a common SMB technique for facing corporate competition. This technique can also be successfully applied to content creation. Business owners can add a unique level of insight to the content that the create, as well as try out more experimental styles of creating content in an effort to differentiate themselves from professionally produced corporate content. Views alone do not measure the effectiveness of small business video, and while they are important, a small amount of views with a high level of engagement and resulting conversions is much more valuable than something with a high number of views from people outside of the customer demographic.

Building a following through video is not exclusive to YouTube. Should YouTube become increasingly dominated by premium content, that still leaves business owners with many other options that they are able to explore, such as Vine an Instagram, which both offer the ability to share short videos via mobile. These short videos offer a surprising scope for creativity, while at the same time not taking a long time to shoot or edit, which for small businesses is a promising combination. Leaving YouTube behind is too drastic at this point, and even should premium content become more prevalent, it could turn out to be a positive thing for businesses that have established channels already through drawing more traffic to the site. It remains to be seen whether or not YouTube does act on these preliminary meetings, but business owners should at least be aware of the potential for YouTube to make moves towards attracting higher profile content and advertisers.

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